Sponsors of the Nor'easter ASL Tournament


Nor'easter IV: Scenarios

Nor'easter 2000, Main Tournament Scenarios

Round 1: Friday Night

CH14 Ninety Minute War (Medium)

G45 Halha River Bridge (Small)

J1 Urban Guerillas (Medium)

KE5 Beyond the Pak Fronts (Large)

V Auld Lang Syne (Small)

Round 2: Saturday Morning

A104 In Front Of The Storm (Medium)

A118 The Waterhole (Small)

G40 Will To Fight ... Eradicated (Medium)

SP3 Duel At Reuler (Small)

J34 Men of the Mountains

Round 3: Saturday Afternoon

14 Silence That Gun (Small)

A103 Mayhem In Manila (Medium)

J23 Kampfgruppe At Karachev (Medium)

T16 Strayer's Strays (Small)

J28 Inhumaine

Round 4: Saturday Night

28 Ambush! (Medium)

37 Khamsin (Large)

ABTF7 Among The Bravest (Medium)

T7 Hill 253.5 (Medium)

J32 Panzer Graveyard

Round 5: Sunday Morning

ABTF3 Late For Mass (Small)

DB13 Men From Zadig (Medium)

J9 A Stiff Fight (Small)

SP6 Udarnik Bridgehead (Small)

WCW7 Eye of the Tiger (Medium)

Round 6: Sunday Afternoon

77 Le Herrison (Medium)

A Guards Counterattack (Medium)

68 Acts of Defiance (Medium)

AP12 Cream of the Crop (Medium)

SP48 Orlik and the Uhlans (Large)