Sponsors of the Nor'easter ASL Tournament


Nor'easter V: Results


Main Tournament, 1st placeSteve Pleva, CT
Main Tournament, 2nd placeMike Allexenberg, Massachusetts
Main Tournament, 3rd placeJoe Leoce, New York
Main Tournament, 4th placeChris Spell, CT
Saturday miniCarl Nogueira, Massachusetts
Sunday miniMark Nixon, Ohio


As an addendum, I'd like to mention that the final was played (in the 5th round) between Jim Manfredi and Steve Pleva. Jim played very well, but Steve can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat better than any player I've ever seen. Kudos to Jim for a very well-played tournament. I wish he'd placed for a trophy, but unfortunately he also lost in round 6, and 3 other guys just barely edged him out for 2nd-4th based on strength of play. Good showing, Jim. If you had won, CT would have nearly swept the awards!

While we're at it, a personal "wow!" to friend and great guy Mike Allexenberg, who put in a fantastic performance of mixed sleazery, dicing and occasional not-too-sucky playing against a very strong list of opponents. Mike was the only 5-1 in the tourney and won 2nd place free and clear. Way to go, LEB.

A great group of about 50 people showed up this year. Weather and other stuff caused a few no-shows, but this year's Nor'easter was a huge success anyway, thanks mainly to the efforts of the tournament director, Scott Romanowski, and the PR flack, Charlie Hamilton.

Also, this year we even kicked out a couple of new scenarios, "NEV1: Making a Break for it", and "NEV2: Ja, Bix". These were the fodder for the Sunday mini, and they were very good, thanks to the efforts of Doc Brian Sullivan and Mike Allexenberg, plus a host of testers. Thanks guys.

This year's 1st place prize was a great trophy by Steve Johns based on a diorama of a t34/85 being close-assulted by a pair of soldaten, one placing an ATMM. Very nice work, Steve. I'm sure it will stand out in the small building Pleva uses to house his loot. :-)

The Bunker crew, headed by Vic Provost, was in residence, showing off advance copies of the "Central Stalingrad" module rules--boy do THEY look great!--and scenarios. The Bunker donated a free subscription to "Dispatches" for the 1st place winner too. Thanks Vic and crew. 

On a sour note, for the second year now MMP has said they'd send a gift certificate for the tourney, but last year's didn't show up until a month after the tournament, and this year's didn't make it either. Boo!

We had players from all over the northeast, but also from Ohio (Mark Nixon, who I thought would have had his fill of ASL tournies a long time ago, and Kurt Kurtz); Randy Shurtz from Plano, TX, and Joe Sylvester from Chicago IL. Thanks guys for traveling through a cold, wet nor'easter to visit the Nor'easter!

The hotel was excellent, with much after-action action in the bar each night. Any bar with guiness on tap, and shots of jager and cuervo available, is home for me.

We'll do it again next year, same approximate date. See you all at NEVI in 2002!