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Nor'easter VI: Scenarios

Nor'easter 2002, Main Tournament Scenarios

1.  Pre-war to 1939

A120 Uncommon Valor 
SP 48 Orlik And The Uhlans 
G45 Halha River Bridge 
SON 2 Ciriniti's Escape
CH 78 The Outskirts Of Lemberg

2: 1940 to 1941

J43 3rd RTR in the Rain
J37 Tretten in Flames
CH40 Nordic Twilight
SP77 Green Jacket's Bridge
DFTB9 Headhunting for Bloody Huns
3: 1942
DFTB12 First Clash in Tunisia
A111 Cattern's Position
CH15 No Farther
DFTB4 Devil's Play
DFTB24 No Respite
4: 1943
SP79 The Maus Trap
SP62 Ills ne Passeront Pas
DFTB19 The Trail to Hell (zapoppin Ridge)
J23 Kampfgrouppe at Karachev
BRT7 Didn't Have to Be There
5: 1944
A59 Death at Carentan
J58 No 8 Platoon Overrun
J60 Bad Luck
SP14 The Green House
SP36 Desantniki
6: 1945
J63 Silesian Interlude
SP11 Pomeranian Tigers
CH44 Operation Nordwind
WCW8 The Last VC in Europe
BRV1 Tactical Docterine

Big Mo-Fo Tournament Scenarios

Round 1: Friday
68, The Rock
Z19, The Trap At Targul Frumos
RB1, One Down Two To Go
BDF24, Parker's Last Stand
A117, Maggot Hill

Round 2: Saturday
DB-Maus, The Mighty Maus
KGP11, Beast At Bay
J61, In The Bag
FF14, Operation Rosselsprung
BDF7, Baraque De Fraiture
Round 3: Sunday
J19, Merzenhausen Zoo
69, Today We Attack
TAC42, A War Of Corporals
Deluxe 7, With Flame And Shell
A2, Last Act In Lorraine (Deluxe)

Saturday Mini Tournament Scenarios

Round 1
DB01, Brasche Encounter
DB03, Unhappy Trails
DB08, The Forest North of Karachev

Round 2
DB13, The Men From Zadig
DB15, Smashing the Semoventi
DB16, Clearing Kamienka
Round 3
DB18, Special Delivery
DB21, Crisis on the Abucay Line
DB23, Recon Blitz at Sarnowka