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Nor'easter IX: Results


Main Tourney:Steve Pleva
Saturday Mini:Bruce Carson


6 wins

1 Pleva

5 wins

2 Nogueira

4 wins

3 Torkelson
4 Mei
5 Morin
6 Hamilton
7 Tracy
8 Clarke
9 Ives

3 wins

10 Sidhu
11 Ragusa
12 Willmer
13 Serio
14 Allan

2 wins

15 Loiselle
16 Provost
17 Leoce
18 Carson
19 Pierzchala
20 Johnson
21 McDonald
22 Howard
23 Johns
24 Bartis
25 Crowe
26 Fancher

1 win

27 Allexenberg
28 Knight
29 Young
30 Chamberland
31 Ruta
32 Wilcox

0 wins

33 Fleury
34 Myers
35 Atkin
36 Krishfield
37 Worden
38 Richards
39 Sullivan


***** 4 wins *****
7! people had 4 wins: Torkelson, Mei, Ives, Clarke, Hamilton, Tracy, and Morin.

Tie-breaker 1, head to head play:
Morin beat Clarke
Mei beat Morin
Morin beat Hamilton
Hamilton beat Tracy
Tracy beat Clarke
Torkelson beat Tracy.
So we have these partial rankings:

Tie-breaker 2, similar opponents:
Tracy and Torkelson beat Sidhu and Sidhu beat Morin and Ives -
Morin is already ahead of Tracy in tie-breaker 1, so this is ignored.
Tracy and Torkelson are ranked ahead of Ives.
Torkelson is ranked ahead of Morin.
Mei and Morin beat Leoce - no tie-breaker help here Tracy beat Nogueira and Nogueira beat Mei - contradicts tie-breaker
1, so this is ignored.
Tracy beat Nogueira and Nogueira beat Ives - Tracy ranked ahead of
Clarke, Hamilton, and Mei beat Ragusa - no tie-breaker help here Pleva beat Hamilton and Torkelson - no tie-breaker help here Hamilton beat Loiselle and Loiselle beat Mei - contradicts tie-breaker
1, so this is ignored.
Clarke and Ives beat Willmer - no tie-breaker help here Clarke and Mei beat Provost - no tie-breaker help here So we have these partial rankings after tie-breaker 2:

Tie-breaker 3, wins of players beaten:
(# of wins of players beaten in parenthesis)
So we have these final rankings of 4 win players (remember, tie- breaker 3 cannot overrule rankings decided in tie-breaker 1 or 2):

***** 3 wins *****
5 players had 3 wins: Allan, Sidhu, Serio, Ragusa, and Willmer.

Tie-breaker 1, head to head play:
Ragusa beat Willmer
So we have these partial rankings:

Tie-breaker 2, similar opponents:
Torkelson beat Allan and Sidhu, no help
Sidhu and Serio beat Chamberland, no help Sidhu beat Ives and Ives beat Willmer, so Sidhu is ranked above Willmer Clarke beat Ragusa and Willmer, no help So we have these partial rankings after tie-breaker 2:

Tie-breaker 3, wins of players beaten:
(# of wins of players beaten in parenthesis)
So we have these partial rankings after tie-breaker 2:

Tie-breaker 4, wins of players lost to:
Willmer lost to players with 11 wins while Serio had no losses, so his tie-breaker
4 value is 0.

So we have the final rankings of 3 win players:

***** 2 wins *****

12 players had 2 wins: Crowe, Pierzchala, Bartis, McDonald, Fancher, Carson, Leoce, Johns, Johnson, Loiselle, Provost, and Howard.

Tie-breaker 1, head-to-head play:
Howard beat Johns
Carson beat Fancher
Pierzchala beat Bartis
Pierzchala beat Johnson
Loiselle beat Pierzchala
Leoce beat Pierzchala
McDonald beat Bartis
Johnson beat McDonald
Provost beat Leoce
Provost beat Johnson
So we have these partial rankings:
Loiselle->Pierzchala-> Johnson->McDonald->Bartis
Provost->Leoce-> Pierzchala-> Johnson->McDonald->Bartis

Tie-breaker 2, similar opponents:
Crowe, Leoce, and McDonald beat Wilcox, no help Pierzchala and McDonald beat Bartis, no help Pierzchala beat Johnson and Johnson beat McDonald, Pierzchala
already ranked ahead of McDonald
Provost beat Leoce and Leoce beat Pierzchala, Provost already
ranked ahead of Pierzchala
Bartis, Johns, and Johnson beat Ruta, no help Howard, Bartis, and Johns beat Fleury, no help Johnson beat McDonald and McDonald beat Bartis, Johnson
already ranked ahead of McDonald
Provost beat Leoce and Johnson, no help
Loiselle beat Mei and Mei beat Leoce and Provost, Loiselle
so Loiselle ranks ahead of Provost and Leoce Leoce and Loiselle beat Pierzchala, Pierzchala beat Johnson,
Leoce and Loiselle already ranked ahead of McDonald Serio beat Johns and Leoce, no help Willmer beat Johnson and Provost, no help Pleva beat Loiselle and Provost, no help So we have these partial rankings:
Loiselle->Provost->Leoce-> Pierzchala-> Johnson->McDonald->Bartis

Tie-breaker 3, wins of opponents beaten:
(# of wins of players beaten in parenthesis)
Loiselle(6)->Provost(4)->Leoce(3)-> Pierzchala(4)-> Johnson(3)->McDonald(3)
So we have these partial rankings:

Tie-breaker 4, wins of opponents lost to:
Leoce 13, Carson 0
Johns 10, Bartis 7, Crowe 4
So we have the final rankings of 2 win players:

***** 1 win *****

6 players finished with 1 win: Young, Chamberland, Allexenberg, Wilcox, Ruta, and Knight.

Tie-breaker 1, head-to-head play:
Young beat Ruta
So we have these partial rankings:

Tie-breaker 2, common opponents:
Knight beat McDonald and McDonald beat Wilcox, so Knight ranks ahead
of Wilcox
So we have these partial rankings:

Tie-breaker 3, wins of opponent you beat:
(# of wins of player beaten in parenthesis)
So we have these partial rankings:

Tie-breaker 4, wins of opponents you lost to:
Allexenberg 9, Knight 0
Chamberland 12, Ruta 10, Wilcox 8
So we have final rankings of 1 win players:

***** 0 wins *****

7 players had 0 wins: Worden, Richards, Krishfield, Sullivan, Atkin, Fleury, and Myers

This is the easiest tie-breaker, because we go straight to tie-breaker 4, wins of opponents you lost to:
Worden 3, Richards 2, Krishfield 4, Sullivan 1, Atkin 5, Fleury 12, Myers 11 So we have these final rankings for players with 0 wins:

The Fight to the Finish

On Saturday morning, we had 6 players at 2-0: Pleva, Loiselle, Sidhu, Ives, Hamilton, and Tracy. Pleva deafeated Loiselle, Sidhu defeated Ives, and Hamilton defeated Tracy. Additionally, Torkelson, after missing the Friday night round, won to improve to 2-0. That left us with 4 undefeateds at lunchtime, removing the need for a "spoiler" for the first time in many NorEasters.

Saturday afternoon semi-finals, determined by random card draw:
Pleva vs Hamilton and Torkelson vs Sidhu.

Pleva defeated Hamilton at J96 Another Bloody Attack and Torkelson defeated Sidhu at RB3 Bread Factory #2 to set up the Pleva vs Torkelson finals for Saturday night.

Pleva defeated Torkelson at J100 For a Few Rounds More to claim the NorEaster IX Championship.

Scenarios Played

Scenario Results
A60 Totsugeki Chinese 2, IJA 2
CH97 First Crisi At Blackpool IJA 2, British 0
SP95 Burn Gurkha Burn IJA 2, British 2
TOT13 Learning the Law of the Soldier German 1, British 0

67 Cibik's Ridge American 1, IJA 1
A59 Death at Carentan German 3, American 2
D1 Guryev's Headquarters Russian 2, German 1
DB36 First Crack at Hellzapoppin Ridge American 1, IJA 0
DB42 Pursuing Kobayashi American 2, IJA 0

CH14 Ninety Minute War IJA 1, American 0
DB25 Avril Action American 3, German 1
DB30 88 Alley German 2, American 0
J92 Your Turn Now American 2, IJA 1
OA13 Brief Breakfast American 2, German 1

A32 Zon with the Wind German 2, American 0
DB44 Asking for Trouble German 2, American 2
J96 Another Bloody Attack German 2, British 0
RB3 Bread Factory #2 Russian 2, German 2

A69 Broich Bash German 2, American 1
A70 Wintergewitter Russian 1, German 0
J43 3rd RTR in the Rain British 2, German 1
J65 Brave Little Emchas German 1, Russian 0

A104 In Front of the Storm French 2, German 0
G40 Will to Fight Eradicated Polish 1, German 0
J34 Men of the Mountains Partisan 2, Italian 0

75 Strangers in a Strange Land French 1, German 0
SP43 Deadeye Smoyer German 1, American 0
G6 Rocket's Red Glare American 1, German 0

J100 For a Few Rounds More American 2, German 0
DB46 Hill 731 Greek 4, Italian 0
J90 The Time of Humiliations French 1, IJA 0
OA16 Surrender or Die American 2, German 0
SP22 Tod's Last Stand British 1, German 0
J99 On the Florence British 1, German 0
J94 Kempf at Melikhovo Russian 1, German 0
SP115 The Five Pound Prize British 1, German 0
FF14 Operation Rosselsprung Partisn 1, German 0
J98 Lend Lease Attack German 1, Russian 0
AP4 L'Abbaye Blanche German 1, American 0
SP24 Forest Fighting in Latvia German 1, Russian 0
J59 Friday the 13th Russian 1, German 0
PP6 Under a Sky of Lead British 1, German 0

Round by Round Results

Round 1

SP95 Pleva (Brit) def Fleury (IJA)
SP95 Nogueira (Brit) def Allan (IJA)
A60 Torkelson (Chinese) def Johnson (IJA)
TOT13 Loiselle (Germ) def Mei (Brit)
A60 Morin (IJA) def Clarke (Chinese)
CH97 Hamilton (IJA) def Ragusa (Brit)
A60 Sidhu (Chinese) def Chamberland (IJA)
SP95 Willmer (IJA) def Wilcox (Brit)
SP95 Pierzchala (IJA) def Bartis (Brit)
A60 Knight (IJA) def McDonald (Chinese)
CH97 Provost (IJA) def Leoce (Brit)

Round 2

DB42 Pleva (Ami) def Provost (IJA)
A59 Tracy (Germ) def Nogueira (Ami)
67 Mei (IJA) def Leoce (Ami)
DB42 Mei (Ami) def Ragusa (IJA)
67 Ives (Ami) def Willmer (IJA)
A59 Clarke (Ami) def Chamberland (Germ)
D1 Hamilton (Germ) def Krishfield (Russ)
D1 Sidhu (Russ) def Morin (Germ)
A59 Allan (Germ) def Myers (Ami)
A59 Loiselle (Germ) def Pierzchala (Ami)
D1 Bartis (Russ) def Ruta (Germ)
DB36 Bartis (Ami) def Fleury (IJA)
A59 Johnson (Ami) def McDonald (Germ)

Round 3

CH14 Pleva (IJA) def Loiselle (Ami)
J92 Nogueira (IJA) def Johns (Ami)
DB25 Torkelson (Germ) def Allan (Ami)
J92 Mei (Ami) def Provost (IJA)
J92 Sidhu (Ami) def Ives (IJA)
DB25 Ives (Ami) def Atkin (Germ)
DB30 Clarke (Germ) def Willmer (Ami)
DB30 Hamilton (Germ) def Tracy (Ami)
OA13 Morin (Ami) def Allexenberg (Germ)
OA13 Ragusa (Germ) def Ruta (Ami)
OA13 Pierzchala (Ami) def Johnson (Germ)
DB25 McDonald (Ami) def Wilcox (Germ)
DB25 Johnson (Ami) def Ruta (Germ)

Round 4

J96 Pleva (Germ) def Hamilton (Brit)
DB44 Nogueira (Germ) def Ives (Ami)
RB3 Torkelson (Russ) def Sidhu (Germ)
RB3 Mei (Germ) def Morin (Russ)
A32 Tracy (Germ) def Clarke (Ami)
J96 Allan (Germ) def Loiselle (Brit)
RB3 Serio (Russ) def Chamberland (Germ)
A32 Ragusa (Germ) def Willmer (Ami)
DB44 Leoce (Germ) def Pierzchala (Ami)
DB44 McDonald (Ami) def Bartis (Germ)
RB3 Provost (Germ) def Johnson (Russ)
DB44 Ruta (Ami) def Myers (Germ)

Round 5

J43 Ives (Brit) de McDonald (Germ)
J43 Clarke (Brit) def Provost (Germ)
J65 Morin (Germ) def Hamilton (Russ)
A69 Tracy (Germ) def Sidhu (Ami)
A70 Allan (Russ) def Myers (Germ)
A69 Ragusa (Ami) def Bartis (Germ)
J43 Willmer (Germ) def Johnson (Brit)
A69 Allexenberg (Germ) def Loiselle (Ami)

Round 6

A104 Clarke (French) def Ragusa (Germ)
A104 Hamilton (French) def Loiselle (Germ)
J34 Morin (Partisan) def Leoce (Ital)
G40 Serio (Polish) def Leoce (Germ)
J34 Johns (Partisan) def Fleury (Ital)

Sat Mini

75 Carson (French) def Fancher (Germ)
SP43 Chamberland (Germ) def Worden (Ami)
G6 Carson (Ami) def Chamberland (Germ)


J100 Pleva (Ami) def Torkelson (Germ)
DB46 Pleva (Greek) def Mei (Ital)
DB46 Nogueira (Greek) def Allexenberg (Ital)
J90 Nogueira (French) def Mei (IJA)
OA16 Torkelson (Ami) def Tracy (Germ)
SP22 Ives (Brit) def Myers (Germ)
J99 Tracy (Brit) def Crowe (Germ)
DB46 Serio (Greek) def Johns (Ital)
J94 Willmer (Russ) def Provost (Germ)
SP115 Crowe (Brit) def Wilcox (Germ)
FF14 Crowe (Part) def Sullivan (Germ)
J98 Leoce (Germ) def Wilcox (Russ)
AP4 Johns (Germ) def Ruta (Ami)
OA16 Howard (Ami) def Johns (Germ)
SP24 Fancher (Germ) def Worden (Russ)
J59 Fancher (Russ) def Richards (Germ)
PP6 Young (Brit) def Ruta (Germ)
J100 Wilcox (Ami) def Atkin (Germ)
DB46 Howard (Greek) def Fleury (Ital)