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Nor'easter IX: Scenarios

Nor'easter 2005, Main Tournament Scenarios

Round One, Friday Noon
[A60] Totsugeki!
  • Both Chinese MMG Strength Factors should be "4-10". [An93b; An96; Mw]
[CH26] Close Order Driel
[CH97] Final Crisis At Blackpool
  • The airborne mortar for British/Commonwealth reinforcement group must be changed to a standard British light mortar... the airborne version was never used in the PTO.
  • The balance provisions will/should be changed to this: For British balance, increase the FP necessary for victory to > 5FP. For Japanese, the balance should be reduced to > 3FP.
  • The pond (waterhole) at 39S10 is flooded.
  • In the Japanese balance provisions a HMG is added, but without the necessary 2-2-8 to man it. Add the 2-2-8.
  • Change the 2 447's in the reinforcement group with the 9-2 to 2 338's.
  • Remove the SSR that states that 447's have Gurkha capabilities.
  • Add an SSR that states that the 9-2, the 648's and their resulting half squads, and 338's have Gurkha capabilities. ( No other units do )
[SP95] Burn Gurkha Burn!
[TOT13] Learning the Law of the Soldier
Round Two, Friday PM
[67] Cibik's Ridge
[A59] Death at Carentan
  • Are the hedges (bocage) along hexsides O1/N0 through O4/N4 covered by the overlay in play?
    A. Yes. [Compil5]
[D1] Guryev's Headquarters
[DB36] First Crack at Hellzapoppin' Ridge
[DB42] Pursuing Kobayashi
Round Three, Saturday AM
[CH14] Ninety Minute War
[DB25] Avril Action
[DB30] 88 Alley
[J92] Your Turn Now
  • Both sides amass VP per the hexes listed in SSR 3; if the Japanese do not earn the listed VP by clearing the set DC, then the Filipinos do. Filipino units do not Disrupt.
  • The US lmgs are supposed to be those from Gung Ho (1 PP).
[OA13] Brief Breakfast
Round Four, Saturday Noon
[A32] Zon With the Wind
[A103] Mayhem in Manila
  • Can the U.S. win by entering one of the buildings before the Japanese get a chance to use Defensive First Fire? Can they win by advancing into CC before the CC is resolved? Can they win merely by virtue of one of the buildings being occupied by no one?
    A. Yes. Yes. No. [Compil5]
[DB44] Asking for Trouble
[J96] Another Bloody Attack
[RB3] Bread Factory #2
Round Five, Saturday PM
[A69] Broich Bash
  • Rotate the north arrow 180 degrees. [different wording in Gen30.2; An96; Mw]
  • The American player must Control a building in order to get any points for it. [Letter246] {Re-worded. SR}
[A70] Wintergewitter
  • Does the wall covered by overlay OG2 exist?
    A. No. [Compil4]
[CH44] Operation Nordwind
[J43] 3rd RTR In The Rain
[J65] Brave Little Emchas
Round Six, Sunday AM
[A104] In Front of the Storm
[CH40] Nordic Twilight
[DB24] No Respite
[G40] Will To Fight ... Eradicated
[J34] Men Of The Mountains
  • In Italian set up, change "and/or" to "and". [J4; MeMw]

Nor'easter 2005, Saturday Mini-Tournament Scenarios

Round One
[75] Strangers in a Strange Land
[CH41] Test of Nerves
  • Scenarios in Critical Hit Issue 4 and later All AFVs listed in CH scenarios using the new clip art use OPTIONAL MG ARMAMENT by SPECIAL RULE #only. For those confused by the lack of MG designations on the scenario cards, any armament listed in Chapter H notes as "Opt." are only available by Special Rule.
[DB46] Hill 731
  • Requires Board 11 and Allied Minors and Italians.
[PB2] Howard's Men
[SP43] Deadeye Smoyer
Round Two
[A115] Blockbusters
  • SSR1: All Interior Jungle hexes are Dense, but in most cases, however, the "oversized colored center dot" in a Jungle hex designates Light Jungle [EXC: hexes U9-U11]. [J1; Mw]
    Nphum Ga Map
  • There is no LOS from D8 to F9, etc, [J1]
  • Hexes E9 and P10 can be entered at the path rate from, respectively, F9 and O10. Hex L12 can be entered at the path rate from L11 and L13. [J1; Mw]
  • Hexes I5, O6 and R7 are Dense Jungle; Q12 is Bamboo. [Letter9] {And by inference, all other similar hexes. SR}
  • Hexrow U is misnumbered. The first hex is U1, then a hex with no coordinate. Call that hex "U1.5". [J1; Mw]
[AP4] L'abbaye blanche (The White Abbey)
[J46] Strongpoint 11
[J94] Kempf at Melikhovo
[SP117] Stranded Cats
Round Three
[A88] Surprise Encounter
  • Rotate the north arrow 90 degrees to the right; board 34 180 degrees; rotate board 32 180 degrees; this supersedes the errata for this scenario appearing in Gen30.2. [An96; Mw]
[G6] Rocket's Red Glare
[J59] Friday the 13th
[J62] Lee's Charge
[SP24] Forest Fighting in Latvia

Nor'easter 2005, Motor Pool Scenarios

These are small, balanced scenarios in case people need to catch up.
[DB1] Brasche Encounter
  • In the French Guard Detachment setup change "Adjacent" to "adjacent".
  • Add to SSR3 "Contrary to A12.12 the 4 OB designated ? may set up in a foxholes."
  • In SSR 2 the "steel" span bridge should be a stone bridge. {Corrected in subsequent printings. SR} [DftB2]
[G35] Going To Church
[OA16] Surrender Or Die
[RB6] Turned Away
  • German Dummy counters set up IN gully hexes despite the fact that the latter are not Concealment Terrain. [An91; An96; Mw]
[SP22] Tod's Last Stand
  • The British balance should read "Delete the 2-4-7 from the HIP units."
  • The German SAN is 3.
  • The MMG in the British OB should be a British MMG.
  • SSR2 should read "Place overlay ST3 on 43K5-J4. Grain is in season." [SP homepage] {Corrected in later printings. SR}
[SP64] Valour On The Bou
[SP65] Ayo Gurkhali!
[T1] Gavin Take
[T2] The Puma Prowls