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Nor'easter X: Scenarios

Nor'easter 2006, Main Tournament Scenarios

Round One, Friday Noon
A72 Italian Brothers
  • The Republican "Balance" should read: "Delete SSR 5".
  • In the Republican OB change "SSR 1" to "SSR 5" and change "or on south of hexrow C" to "on/south of hexrow C".
SP74 The Last Tiger
J90 Time of Humiliations
FrF2 Maczek Fire Brigade
113 Liberating Bessarabia
Round Two, Friday PM
83 Uncommon Occurrence
Tac40 Scottish Nightmare
  • In the French OB, the text above the Matilda should read as a singular Matilda, not plural, as only one is given in the OB.
A109 Scouts Out
SP118 Seizing the Sittang
  • Chinese Balance
J83 Bloody Nose
  • Russian Balance
Round Three, Saturday AM
6 Red Packets
DB49 Wetlet
A Guards Counterattack
  • A7.72 supersedes SSR 2. (SSR2 deleted in later versions)
TOT32 Denouement
HP4 French Toast
Round Four, Saturday Noon
J48 Blood Enemies
    [Suggested Balance] The Croat player only receives CVPs for Infantry and PRC. i.e. A destroyed FT-17 with no crew survival is only worth 2 CVPs (for the crew), rather than 5 CVP.
PBP7 Piece of Cake
  • Delete "(Draw: Control of 7-10 hexes)" from the VC If the Russian player does not control at least 11 hexes in buildings 20H3 and/or 20D8 at game end, the German player wins.
  • The Russian OB should have 1x 9-1 SMC and 3x LMG (not vice-versa).
112 Out of Cowardice
J95 Typical German Response
SP128 Rupee Reward
Round Five, Saturday PM
SP127 Bleed Gurkha Bleed
CH167 Warlord's Estate
AP7 Directive Number 3
I Bucholz Station
J22 Oh Joy!
Round Six, Sunday AM
SP103 For Whom the Bell Tolls
J35 Siam Sambal
  • The contact number shown on the scenario card for the French radio should be 7, as is shown on the actual radio counter.
G44 Abandon Ship
J63 Silesian Interlude
  • The VC say "The Germans win at game end by Controlling all four board 38 buildings and ". What happens if one side or the other rubbles one or more of the four buildings? Does it (a) give the Russian an automatic win, (b) decrease the number of buildings the German must control, or (c) mean that the German must control the remaining buildings plus any rubbled Locations?
    A. (b).
DB40 Riding the Coattails

Nor'easter 2006, Saturday Mini-Tournament Scenarios

Round One
SP117 Stranded Cats
J94 Kempf at Melikhovo
CH34 The Lighthouse
Round Two
SP53 Thorne in your Side
SP100 Attu Climb
WCW4 Cat Becomes Mouse
Round Three
KGP4 Chapelle St Anne
A34 Lash Out
W1 Traverse Right...Fire!

Nor'easter 2006, Saturday StarterKit-Tournament Scenarios

Round One
S1 Retaking Vierville
  • German Balance
S2 War of the Rats
S16 Legio Patria Nostra
Round Two
S9 Ambitious Assault
S3 Simple Equation
  • US Balance
S15 Hammer to the Teeth
Round Three
S5 Clearing Colleville
S10 Paper Army
S13 Priority Target

Nor'easter 2006, Motor Pool Scenarios

These are small, balanced scenarios in case people need to catch up.
The Saturday Mini scenarios should be used as short scenarios used to catch up.