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Nor'easter XI: Scenarios

Nor'easter 2007, Main Tournament Scenarios

Round One, Friday Noon
DB48Erstwhile Allies (US Balance)
  • The setup area for the two Fascists half-squads should be 'on/between Hexrows BB-DD'.
SP144One More Day of Freedom
J111Prussia in Flames
SP123The Badger's Breath
  • The MGs on the StuG IIIG should be -/-/2* instead of 3/5.
122Extracurricular Activity (Hungarian Balance)
Round Two, Friday PM
SP115The Five Pound Prize
  • The VCs state the Germans need to control >=8 buildings <=3 hexes from the stream on board 22. My question is regarding whether building k6-k7 is an eligible VC building since one hex (k6) is <=3 hexes and the other (k7) is NOT.
    A: Yes, it does count for VC purposes.
SP140Red Valentines
FrF12The Fields of Black Gold
  • May Mopping Up (A12.153) be used to secure the 18P7 hill?
    A: No. The 18P7 is considered a building for Control (A26.14) purposes only. Even though Mopping Up gains Control it also has other effects (such as revealing HIP), and thus cannot be used.
SP137The Bozsoki Relay (Russian balance)
SP143The Battle For St Cloud
Round Three, Saturday AM
BRT1The Hawk
J106Marders, not Martyrs (German balance)
RPT10Slovak Salvation
J21Scobie Preserves (Partisan balance)
DB53Hamburg on the Lovat
Round Four, Saturday Noon
51The Taking of Takrouna
HP25Duropa Plantation (Allied balance)
J103Lenin's Sons
GD-CSmoke the Kents (British balance)
RPT2Kerepesi Cemetary
  • RPT2 Kerepesi Cemetary (suggested balance) - add a 347 to the Hungarian OOB
Hill 621
Round Five, Saturday PM
  • In the version appearing in ASL Classic, the Russian reinforcements shown as entering on Turn 3 should instead enter on Turn 5.
SP131Pocket Panzers
FE118Zaporozhe Island
PBP21The Raiders on the Chaco (Paraguayan balance - B2)
  • The "B" part is not a typo - it appears that ABS works backwards, i.e. a B bid is helping the Paras, while a P bid is helping the Bolivars.
DB35A Hotly Contested Crossroads
Round Six, Sunday AM
AA13South Rampart Fire
PBP25First and Inches
HS25Lambs Led to the Slaughter
J105Borodino Train Station
FE116Bad Neighbor Policy
  • Ignore the second SSR 2 and the Hungarian AT Gun is the 37mm Kanon PUV vz 37(t) Axis Minor Ordinance Note 51.

Nor'easter 2007, Saturday Mini-Tournament Scenarios

Round One
RPT1Ferenc Jozef Barracks
35Blazing Chariots
DB51Dash for Mt Croce (American balance)
Round Two
DB54Soldiers of the 62nd Army
J106Marders, not Martyrs (German balance)
Round Three
TT5Commandos, not Supermen (Japanese balance)
  • Tactical Objective: Add '>' between "gain" and "7". Japanese OB: The HS are 1st Line.
J102Yelnya Bridgehead
DB56Breakout from Stalingrad-I

Nor'easter 2007, Big Mo-Fo Tournament Scenarios

Round #1: Friday 1:00pm-
OB8Bloody Bobruisk
ASL119 Ancient Feud
DB16 Clearing Kamienka
J18 The Pinnacle
ESG3 Resistance at Paderborn
Round #2: Saturday 8:00am-
ASL74Bloody Red Beach
CH21A Ridge Too Far
TAC1Dropping off at Maleme?
Round #3: Saturday 8:00am-
ASL115Huns of Steel
ASL116The Sixth Blow
ASL118Downsizing the Uprising

Nor'easter 2007, Saturday StarterKit-Tournament Scenarios

Round One
S7Prelude to Festung Brest
S2War of the Rats
S16Legio Patria Nostra (German balance)
Round Two
S9Ambitious Assault (Allied balance)
S3Simple Equation
S17Ridge Too Far
Round Three
S5Clearing Colleville
S10Paper Army
S13Priority Target

Nor'easter 2007, Motor Pool Scenarios

These are small, balanced scenarios in case people need to catch up.
The Saturday Mini scenarios should be used as short scenarios used to catch up.