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Nor'easter XII: Results


Main Tourney:Carl Nogueira
Armor Mini:Joe Gochinski
Big Mo-Fo:Mark Evans
Saturday Mini:Andy Howard
Starter Kit: Fred Gaines


Nor'Easter XII Official Results

4 wins

1 Nogueira

2 Spell

3 Trezza

4 Lundy

5 Seulowitz

6 Loiselle

7 Ragusa

3 wins

8 Chamberland

9 Gochinski

10 Hamilton

11 Leoce

12 Anderson

13 Johns

2 wins

14 Wilcox

15 Pierzchala

16 Allexenberg

17 Wiersma

18 Shuster

19 Krishfield

20 NRichardson

21 Serio

22 Howard

23 Evans

24 WRichardson

25 Gaines

1 win

26 Raymo

27 Clarke

28 Knight

29 Mehl

30 Hill

31 Torkelson

32 Provost

33 Johnson

34 Willmer

35 Bender

36 Carson

0 wins

37 Stevens/Kelly (tie)

39 Fleming/Richards/Crowe (tie)


***** 4 wins *****

Carl Nogueira was the last undefeated player and was crowned Champion.

6 other players had 4 wins: Spell, Trezza, Seulowitz, Loiselle, Lundy, and Ragusa.

Tie-breaker 1, head to head play:

Spell beat Ragusa

Spell beat Lundy

Trezza beat Lundy

Lundy beat Loiselle

So we have these partial rankings of 4 win players:





Tie-breaker 2, wins of players beaten:

(# of wins of players beaten in parenthesis):





So we have these final rankings of 4 win players:


***** 3 wins *****

6 players had 3 wins: Gochinski, Chamberland, Anderson, Johns, Hamilton, and Leoce

Tie-breaker 1, head to head play:

Incredibly enough, none of these 6 guys played each other, so this tie-breaker doesn't apply.

Tie-breaker 2, wins of players beaten:

(# of wins of players beaten in parenthesis)







So we have these partial rankings:


Tie-breaker 3, common opponents:

Anderson beat Pierzchala, Pierzchala beat Johns, so Anderson ranks ahead of Johns So we have these partial rankings:


Tie-breaker 4, wins of opponents lost to:

Hamilton 8, Leoce 7

So we have these final rankings of 3 win players:


***** 2 wins *****

12 players had 2 wins: Gaines, Shuster, Wilcox, NRichardson, Wiersma, WRichardson, Krishfield, Evans, Howard, Allexenberg, Pierzchala, and Serio.

(Note, Howard's Sat Mini Finals win occurred after the tourney ended so is not counted in these rankings.)

Tie-breaker 1, head-to-head play:

Shuster defeated Krishfield

Wilcox defeated Krishfield

Howard defeated WRichardson

Serio defeated Howard

Pierzchala defeated NRichardson

So we have these partial rankings:









Tie-breaker 2, wins of opponents beaten:

(# of wins of players beaten in parenthesis)









So we have these partial rankings:



Serio/NRichardson/Evans(2)-> WRichardson(1)->Gaines(0)


Tie-breaker 3, common opponents:

Shuster and Wilcox beat Krishfield, no help Wilcox, Krishfield, and Wiersma all beat Anderson, Anderson beat Pierzchala; Wilcox

ranked ahead of Pierzchala; Pierzchala already ahead of Krishfield and Wiersma by tie-

breaker #2 so this contradicts, no help Seulowitz beat Wilcox, Howard, and Allexenberg, no help Hamilton beat Wilcox and Krishfield, no help Loiselle beat NRichardson and Allexenberg, no help NRichardson and Allexenberg beat Hill, no help WRichardson and Howard beat Bender, no help Gochinski beat Krishfield and Howard, no help Krishfield and Serio beat Kelly, no help Allexenberg beat Leoce, Leoce beat Evans and Pierzchala, Pierzchala already ahead of

Allexenberg (tie-breaker #2) and Allexenberg already ahead of Evans, no help Pierzchala beat Johns, Johns beat Serio, Pierzchala already ranked ahead of Serio, no help So we still have these partial ranking:

(# of wins of players beaten in parenthesis) Wilcox(5)->Pierzchala(5)->Wiersma/Allexenberg(4)->Shuster(3)->


Serio/NRichardson/Evans(2)-> WRichardson(1)->Gaines(0)


Tie-breaker 4, wins of opponents lost to:

Wilcox 11, Wiersma 1, Allexenberg 16, Shuster 0, Howard 9, Krishfield 10, Serio 4, NRichardson 12, Evans 3, WRichardson 2, Gaines 0, Pierzchala 8 So we have the final rankings of 2 win players:




***** 1 win *****

11 players finished with 1 win: Knight, Carson, Hill, Willmer, Clarke, Johnson, Provost, Bender, Torkelson, Mehl, and Raymo.

Tie-breaker 1, head-to-head play:

Hill beat Provost

Johnson beat Willmer

Provost beat Johnson

Torkelson beat Provost

So we have these partial rankings:









Tie-breaker 2, wins of opponent you beat:

(# of wins of player beaten in parenthesis)









So we have these partial rankings:






Tie-breaker 3, common opponents:

Knight beat Wiersma, Wiersma beat Mehl, Knight ranked ahead of Mehl Hill and Torkelson beat Provost, no help Provost beat Johnson, Johnson beat Willmer, Provost already ahead of Willmer, no help Raymo and Mehl beat Pierzchala, no help Evans beat Johnson and Torkelson, no help So we have these partial rankings:







Tie-breaker 4, wins of opponents you lost to:

Knight 0, Clarke 4, Mehl 2, Hill 10, Willmer 10, Johnson 7, Raymo 8, Provost 5, Torkelson 2, Carson 2, Bender 4 So we have final rankings of 1 win players:




***** 0 wins *****

5 players had 0 wins: Fleming, Stevens, Richards, Kelly, and Crowe.

This is the easiest tie-breaker, because we go straight to tie-breaker 4, wins of opponents you lost to:

Fleming 3, Stevens 5, Richards 3, Kelly 5, Crowe 3

So we have these final rankings for players with 0 wins:


The Fight to the Finish

On Saturday morning, we had 6 players at 2-0: Gary Trezza, Mike Allexenberg, Carl Nogueira, Chris Spell, Al Loiselle, and Friday Armor Mini Champ Joe Gochinski. Trezza defeated Allexenberg in an epic and close game of HP2 Lousy Crossroads. Gochinski defeated Loiselle, also in Lousy Crossroads. And Nogueira beat Spell in DB56, Breakout from Stalingrad-I. This left us with 3 undefeateds in the early afternoon, carrying on the NorEaster tradition of needing a spoiler.

Saturday afternoon/evening saw spoiler Spell's Egyptians beat Gochinski's Israelis in CH32 The Kibbutz. This meant the Trezza-Nogueira match would be the championship match, as the winner at 4-0 would be the final undefeated player in the main tourney. Carl's Russians beat Trezza's Germans in MP18 Marsh Madness. Carl Nogueira claimed his first championship of the tournament that he founded.


Friday featured NorEaster's first Armor Mini, sponsored by Joe Gochinski, a two round mini featuring all armor scenarios, with results counting towards the Main Tourney. Joe Gochinski bested the field of four by beating Andy Howard and Dave Krishfield.

A last minute addition was the NorEaster's third ASL Starter Kit mini. Gabriel Gaines won a copy of Rally Point 2 by besting both other ASLSK participants, Tim Fleming and Marshall Stevens.

The Saturday Mini had a full complement of 8 participants. The first round saw Rob Shuster defeat Dave Krishfield, Andy Howard defeat Whit Richardson, Bruce Carson defeat Tim Kelly, and Bruce Bender defeat John Richards. The second round saw Shuster defeat the defending Sat Mini champion Carson and Howard defeat Bender.

Since the Sat Mini got off to a late start due to the early morning snowfall, Rob and Andy agreed to play the final at a later date, either FtF or via VASL. In that match, Andy's Germans held off Rob's Russians in the final CCs in VotG09 Eviction Notice to claim the Saturday Mini Tourney plaque.

The Mo-Fo Mini was a special Valor of the Guards theme this year, to celebrate the long-awaited and highly-anticipated release of that HASL. Only VotG scenarios were played for this Mini. Due to a no-show, there were 7 participants this year, and in the first round Brian Wiersma defeated Jim Mehl, Mark Evans defeated Kedge Johnson, Jim Torkelson defeated Vic Provost in the latest incarnation of their MoFo rivalry, and Randy Knight drew a bye into the second round. In that second round, Knight's Germans held off Wiersma's Russians in VotG17 On the Verge of Extinction, but Randy would be unable to participate in a Sunday round. That left the MoFo Championship to the winner of the Evans-Torkelson match. Mark's Germans beat back Jim's Russians in VotG12 Siberian Shockwave, and Mark claimed the VotG MoFo Championship plaque despite not even seeing the module until shortly before the tournament.

Scenarios Played (83)

Scenario Results

FrF9 The Abbeville Bridgehead German 2, French 1

DB52 Jungle Rats Allied 2, IJA 0

SP145 The Reluctant Tiger German 1, American 1

AP18 Village of the Damned Russian 1, Italian 0

SP151 Bulanov Rebuked German 4, Russian 0

VotG02 Russe! Drown in the Volga Russian 2, German 1

FrF14 Patton Breaks Loose American 1, Italian 0

DB56 Breakout from Stalingrad-I German 3, Russian 1

HP2 Lousy Crossroads German 3, American 1

SP147 The Zebra Mission German 2, American 0

BC8 From Desert to Jungle IJA 1, British 0

CH32 The Kibbutz Egyptian 2, Israeli 1

VotG11 A Dangerous Possibility German 2, Russian 1

RBF28 Breakthrough Russian 1, Romanian 0

CH151 Rade for Freedom German 1, Polish 0

VotG16 Under Murderous Fire German 1, Russian 0

SP144 One More Day of Freedom American 1, IJA 0

RPT3 Varosmajor Grange Russian 4, Hungarian 1

TT6 Fruit and Nuts IJA 1, British 0

AP19 Winter of Their Discontent Italian 1, Russian 0

DB49 Wetlet IJA 1, British 0

CH16 Out of Luck Polish 1, Russian 0

83 An Uncommon Occurrence Polish 1, German 0

CH58 Death Ride Russian 1, German 0

FrF16 Last Orders German 1, Russian 1

DB58 Vossenack Church German 1, American 0

VotG13 Escape from Komosol Park German 1, Russian 1

TAC72 Combat for a Tower German 1, Partisan 1

CH41 Test of Nerves British 1, German 1

FrF11 Rostov Redemption Russian 1, German 0

VotG09 Eviction Notice Russian 3, German 1

TAC51 Strength Through Unity Belgian 1, German 1

VotG07 Storming the Station Russian 1, German 1

VotG05 The Specialists' House German 1, Russian 0

VotG17 On the Verge of Extinction German 1, Russian 0

VotG12 Siberian Shockwave German 2, Russian 0

S2 War of the Rats Russian 1, German 0

S7 Prelude to Festung Brest American 1, German 0

S3 Simple Equation American 1, Geman 0

S17 A Ridge Too Far German 1, American 0

MP18 Marsh Madness Russian 1, German 0

MP17 Bagging Burcorps British 1, IJA 1

MP15 Just a Bit Outside American 1, IJA 0

VotG19(?) Cellar Dwellers German 2, Russian 0

DB55 Sturmgeschutz Forward! German 2, Russian 0

DB65 Shock at Kamenewo Russian 1, German 0

Round by Round Results

Round 1

FrF9 Nogueira (French) def Wilcox (Germ)

FrF9 Seulowitz (Germ) def Hamilton (French)

DB52 Loiselle (Allied) def NRichardson (IJA)

SP145 Lundy (Germ) def Chamberland (Ami)

DB52 Leoce (Allied) def Willmer (IJA)

FrF9 Allexenberg (Germ) def Hill (French) - French balance

AP18 Clarke (Russ) def Serio (Ital)

SP145 Raymo (Ami) def Pierzchala (Germ)

Round 2

SP151 Nogueira (Germ) def Seulowitz (Russ)

SP151 Loiselle (Germ) def Raymo (Russ)

VotG02 Chamberland (Russ) def Ragusa (Germ)

SP151 Wilcox (Germ) def Anderson (Russ)

VotG02 Pierzchala (Germ) def Johns (Russ)

SP151 Hamilton (Germ) def Hill (Russ)

VotG02 Allexenberg (Russ) def Leoce (Germ)

FrF14 Serio (Ami) def Howard (Ital)

Round 3

DB56 Nogueira (Germ) def Spell (Russ)

HP2 Trezza (Ami) def Allexenberg (Germ) - Ami balance

HP2 Seulowitz (Germ) def Wilcox (Ami)

HP2 Gochinski (Germ) def Loiselle (Ami)

DB56 Lundy (Russ) def Raymo (Germ)

HP2 Ragusa (Germ) def Willmer (Ami)

DB56 Chamberland (Germ) def NRichardson (Russ)

SP147 Anderson (Germ) def Hill (Ami)

DB56 Johns (Germ) def Serio (Russ)

SP147 Leoce (Germ) def Pierzchala (Ami)

BC8 NRichardson (IJA) def Willmer (Brit)

Round 4

CH32 Spell (Israeli) def Ragusa (Egyptian)

CH32 Spell (Egyptian) def Gochinski (Israeli)

VotG11 Chamberland (Germ) def Seulowitz (Russ)

CH32 Loiselle (Egyptian) def Leoce (Israeli)

RBF28 Lundy (Russ) def Allexenberg (Rom)

VotG11 Hamilton (Germ) def Wilcox (Russ)

CH151 Leoce (Germ) def Evans (Pole)

VotG11 Mehl (Russ) def Pierzchala (Germ)

Round 5

VotG16 Spell (Germ) def Lundy (Russ)

SP144 Seulowitz (Ami) def Allexenberg (IJA)

RPT3 Lundy (Hung) def Loiselle (Russ)

TT6 Ragusa (IJA) def NRichardson (Brit)

RPT3 Ragusa (Russ) def Hamilton (Hung)

RPT3 Anderson (Russ) def Pierzchala (Hung)

RPT3 Wilcox (Russ) def Krishfield (Hung)

RPT3 NRichardson (Russ) def Hill (Hung)

Round 6

AP19 Loiselle (Ital) def Allexenberg (Russ)

DB49 Hamilton (IJA) def Krishfield (Brit)

Fri Mini

CH16 Gochinski (Pole) def Howard (Russ)

83 Krishfield (Pole) def Anderson (Germ)

CH58 Gochinski (Russ) def Krishfield (Germ)

Sat Mini

FrF16 Shuster (Germ) def Krishfield (Russ)

DB58 Howard (Germ) def WRichardson (Ami)

VotG13 Carson (Germ) def Kelly (Russ)

VotG13 Bender (Russ) def Richards (Germ)

TAC72 Shuster (Germ) def Carson (Part)

FrF11 Howard (Russ) def Bender (Germ)

TAC72 WRichardson (Part) def Richards (Germ)

CH41 Krishfield (Brit) def Kelly (Germ)

VotG09 Howard (Germ) def Shuster (Russ)

VotG09 WRichardson (Russ) def Bender (Germ)

VotG MoFo Mini

VotG07 Wiersma (Russ) def Mehl (Germ)

VotG05 Evans (Germ) def Johnson (Russ)

VotG07 Torkelson (Germ) def Provost (Russ)

VotG17 Knight (Germ) def Wiersma (Russ)

VotG12 Evans (Germ) def Torkelson (Russ)

VotG12 Provost (Germ) def Johnson (Russ)

Starter Kit Mini

S2 Gaines (Russ) def Stevens (Germ)

S7 Morin (Ami) def Fleming (Germ)

S3 Gaines (Ami) def Fleming (Germ)


MP18 Nogueira (Russ) def Trezza (Germ)

MP17 Spell (Brit) def Chamberland (IJA)

VotG09 Trezza (Russ) def Johns (Germ)

MP17 Trezza (IJA) def Clarke (Brit)

MP15 Trezza (Ami) def Lundy (IJA)

TAC51 Seulowitz (Belgian) def Howard (Germ)

CH41 Ragusa (Germ) def Johnson (Brit)

VotG19(?) "Cellar Dwellers" Wiersma (Germ) def Anderson (Russ)

DB55 Johns (Germ) def Crowe (Russ)

VotG19(?) "Cellar Dwellers" Johns (Germ) def Provost (Russ)

FrF16 Willmer (Russ) def Leoce (Germ)

TAC51 Pierzchala (Belgian) def NRichardson (Germ)

DB55 Serio (Germ) def Kelly (Russ)

VotG09 Hill (Russ) def Provost (Germ)

DB65 Johnson (Russ) def Willmer (Germ)

S17 Anderson (Germ) def Stevens (Brit)