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Nor'easter XII: Scenarios

Nor'easter 2008, Main Tournament Scenarios

Round One, Friday Noon
AP18Village of the Damned
RPT9Shelling the Sivash
  • Russian non-partisan ELR is 4.
  • Romanian setup instructions should read: "Elements of the Romanian 10th Infantry Division [ELR: 3] set up <=4 hexes from 17Z7 and/or <= 3 hexes from 17S6".
DB52Jungle Rats
  • Single-story stone houses with > 1 building depiction within a hex are considered huts.
SP145The Reluctant Tiger
FrF9The Abbeville Bridgehead
Round Two, Friday PM
DB59Grind Them to Dust
VotG02Russe! Drown in the Volga
CH37Forgotten Years
  • The sand dunes are low.
FrF14Patton Breaks Loose
SP151Bulanov Rebuked
Round Three, Saturday AM
G7Bring up the Guns
  • On the Wagon counter illustration, "M>6 1S/5PP" should be "T6 15PP" and there should be two stars (not one).
BC8From Desert to Jungle
DB56Breakout from Stalingrad-I
HP2Lousy Crossroads
SP147The Zebra Mission
Round Four, Saturday Noon
DB60Acorns in the Fire
CH32The Kibbutz
  • Israeli balance - E2
CH151Race for Freedom
VotG11A Dangerous Possibility
  • Romanian OB: Vz.38(t)A tanks should be LT vz.35(g), i.e. Axis Minor Vehicle Note 34.
  • The T-4 Side/Rear AF is 3.
Round Five, Saturday PM
VotG08Hammer and Nail
VotG16Under Murderous Fire
RPT3Varosmajor Grange
  • As no SSR specifies otherwise, Hungarians do NOT have a broken morale higher than printed.
TT6Fruit and Nuts
SP144One More Day of Freedom
  • Delete the second sentence in Coordinating Instruction number 2.
Round Six, Sunday AM
  • TH Heroes may not be HIP, G1.422 is NA.
VotG14Pavlov's House
AP19Winter of Their Discontent
CH49High Danger
SP138Lacking Coordination

Nor'easter 2008, Friday Armor Mini-Tournament Scenarios

Round One, Friday Noon
SP68Foote-ing the Bill
W1Traverse Right…fire!
83An Uncommon Occurrence
OA4Hell on Wheels
CH16Out of Luck
Round Two, Friday PM
SP27Sudden Fury
TAC33Four Aces
T2The Puma Prowls
35Blazin' Chariots
CH58Death Ride

Nor'easter 2008, Saturday Mini-Tournament Scenarios

Round One
DB58Vossenack Church
  • SSR 1 should read: "EC are Wet with no wind at start. Weather is Ground Snow (E3.72) and Overcast (E3.5). {EXC: A Wind Change DR of >= 10 will result in Falling Snow (E3.71) instead of rain, and the intensity may increase but never decrease.}"
VotG13Escape from Komosol Park
FrF16Last Orders
  • German Balance
Round Two
FrF11Rostov Redemption
TAC72Combat for a Tower
CH41Test of Nerves
Round Three
SP14The Green House
  • American balance should read: "Exchange the Japanese HMG for a MMG."
TAC51Strength Through Unity
VotG09Eviction Notice

Nor'easter 2008, Big Mo-Fo Tournament Scenarios

Round #1: Friday 1:00pm-
VotG05The Specialists' House
VotG07Storming the Station
VotG10The Darkest Day
Round #2: Saturday 8:00am-
J???Raid on Rodimtsev
  • This scenario is not available. It will be distributed to Mo-Fo participants.
VotG12Siberian Shockwave
VotG17On the Verge of Extinction
Round #3: Sunday 8:00am-
VotG06Enter Dragan

Nor'easter 2008, Starter-Kit Tournament Scenarios

Round #1: Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm
S7Prelude to Festung Brest
S1War of the Rats
S21Clash at Borisovka
Round #2: Saturday 1:00pm-5:00pm
S3Simple Equation
S17Ridge Too Far
S24Sherman Marches West
Round #3: Saturday 6:00pm-10:00pm
S5Clearing Colleville
S13Priority Target
S20Joseph 351

Nor'easter 2008, Motor Pool Scenarios

These are small, balanced scenarios in case people need to catch up.
The Saturday Mini scenarios should be used as short scenarios used to catch up.