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Nor'easter XIII: Pictures

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Ann & carl Nogueira, with Gary Trezza & Joe Leoce.jpg

Brian 'Dr. Death' Sullivan gives the evil eye.jpg

Brian Wiersma & Jim Torkelson playing 'Rehearsal for Crete' in the Mo-Fo..jpg

Darryl Lundy & Charlie Hamilton.jpg

Dr Death asleep at the wheel.jpg

Joe Gochinski & John Richards.jpg

Joe Leoce & Paul Sidhu- two of ASL's classiest guys.jpg

Joe Leoce presents the 1st place prize to Paul Sidhu.jpg

Joe Leoce's awesome diorama.jpg

Joe just doesn't want to let his baby go (can't blame him!).jpg

Joe's diorama 'D on the Dneiper'.jpg

Kedge & Mark Evans.jpg

Keith Hill & Vic Provost.jpg

Lou Serio.jpg

Michael Rogers, Al Loiselle & Ralph McDonald.jpg

PSS sheet.jpg

Paul Sidhu solemnly swears to win the Noreaster every year.jpg

Ron Duenskie with Charlie Willmer & Steve Johns in the back..jpg

Scott Allen guards the door.jpg

Teddy 'Ballgame' Wilcox w 'Mr. Dispatches' Vic Provost on his right.jpg

The TD gives a thumb's up in mid-swig.jpg

Tim Kelly on left, Jim Torkelson & Brian Wiersma in the back..jpg

Whit Richardson & Scott Romanowski w Mike Pierzchala & Andy Howard in back.jpg

nice guy Bob Tufano.jpg

the game room too.jpg

the game room.jpg