Sponsors of the Nor'easter ASL Tournament


Nor'easter XIII: Results


Main Tourney:Paul Sidhu
Commando Mini:Brian Sullivan
Big Mo-Fo:Carl Nogueira
Saturday DftB Mini:Jeff Myers


NorEaster XIII, New England's ASL Championship, is in the books as 42 players tossed dice this past weekend.

Paul Sidhu won, claiming his 2nd NorEaster title. Paul defeated Ron Duenskie in Retrained and Rearmed in the finals to finish 5-0. Paul claimed another wonderful diorama, crafted by Joe Leoce. Allen Loiselle, from the Bunker, won 2nd place, rebounding from a first round loss to finish 5-1. Ron Duenskie won 3rd place, finishing 4-2 and having the best tie-breakers amongst the 4 win players.

Carl Nogueira won the By Air Land and Sea MoFo Mini, defeating Gary Trezza in the finals in Headhunting for Bloody Huns.

Brian Sullivan won the Friday Commando Mini-tourney, defeating Joe Gochinski in the finals of the 4 player mini. Thanks, Joe, who provided prizes for each of the other 3 participants in the mini.

The Saturday Dispatches from the Bunker mini-tourney is running into overtime once again. The rounds ran long, so 3 rounds could not be completed in a single day. Tim Kelly and Jeff Myers are the finalists, and they will meet at the Bunker in the near future to complete the mini.

My thanks to all the participants, particularly those from out of town who make NorEaster a destination. Thanks to Carl Nogueira and his wife Anne, who found our nice new location in Boxborough. Thank you to my assistant TDs, Kedge, Vic, Tom, and Carl. Thanks to Joe Leoce, who pours a ton of time and effort into making our first place prizes - this years' is a wonderful Czech Panzer. My thanks for all the donations to the prize raffle, which had so many prizes that I ran out of raffle tickets before I ran out of prizes. The donators were Dave Krishfield, Jim Torkelson, John Richards, and Brian Sullivan. And a very special thanks to Charlie Hamilton, who donated two large boxes of games and books as raffle prizes as well as freebies (which resulted in a near stampede!).

6 wins

Nor’Easter XIII Official Results


6 wins


1   Paul Sidhu


5 wins


2   Allen Loiselle


4 wins


3   Ronald Duenskie

4   Tom Morin

5   Jeff Myers

6   Charlie Willmer

7   Darryl Lundy


3 wins


Steve Anderson, Charlie Hamilton, Andy Howard, Stephen Johns, Tim Kelly, Randy Knight, Dave Krishfield, Carl Nogueira, Scott Romanowski, Lou Serio, Brian Sullivan, Bob Tufano


2 wins


Mike Allexenberg, Joe Gochinski, Ralph McDonald, Vic Provost, Nick Richardson, Michael Rodgers, Brian Wiersma, Ted Wilcox


1 win


Scott Allan, Mark Evans, Joe Leoce, Mike Pierzchala, John Richards, Rob Shuster, Mike Sprague


0 wins


Rick Northey, Whit Richardson, Jim Torkelson


Incomplete PIS


Andy Howard, could not remember 1st round game or opponent, claimed a win.

Dave Krishfield, could not remember 5th round game or opponent, claimed a win.


No PIS Returned


Keith Hill (dots say 1-4, 0-2 via PIS)

Kedge Johnson (dots say 0-3, 0-3 via PIS)

Dave Patten (dots say 0-1, 0-1 via PIS)

Tom Raymo (dots say 0-3, 0-2 via PIS)

Gary Trezza (dots say 2-0, 2-1 via PIS)




***** 6 wins *****


Paul Sidhu was the last undefeated player and was crowned Champion.


***** 5 wins *****


Allen Loiselle was the only player with 5 wins and finished in 2nd place.


***** 4 wins *****


5 players had 4 wins:  Ron Duenskie, Charlie Willmer, Tom Morin, Darryl Lundy, and Jeff Myers.


Tie-breaker 1, head to head play:

Duenskie def Lundy

Duenskie def Myers

So we have these partial rankings of 4 win players:




Tie-breaker 2, wins of players beaten:
(# of wins of players beaten in parenthesis)




So we have these partial rankings of 4 win players:


Tie-breaker 3, common opponents:

Willmer and Lundy both beat Pierzchala, no help.

Willmer and Lundy both beat Hamilton, no help.

Sidhu beat both Willmer and Lundy, no help.

So we have these partial rankings of 4 win players:


Tie-breaker 4, wins of opponents lost to:

Willmer 11, Lundy 10

So we have these final rankings of 4 win players:


The Fight to the Finish


On Saturday morning, we had 7 players at 2-0:  Paul Sidhu, Ron

Duenskie, Charlie Willmer, Scott Romanowski, Randy Knight,

Michael Rodgers, and Friday Commando Mini Champ Brian

Sullivan.  However, neither Romanowski nor Sullivan were available

for a Saturday morning game.  Sidhu defeated Willmer in AP41 The

Meat Grinder.  Duenskie defeated Darryl Lundy (1-1), also in The

Meat Grinder.  And Knight defeated Rodgers in DB061 Housing

Crash.  With an odd number of undefeateds, a late-arriving Brian

Sullivan was tapped as a spoiler.


Saturday afternoon saw Duenskie’s Allies defeat spoiler Sullivan’s

Germans in SP154 On the Road to Hell.  Sidhu’s Germans defeated

Knight’s Russians in AP50 Panzergeist.


Saturday night’s Final saw Sidhu’s Slovaks defeat Duenskie’s Germans

in AP49 Retrained and Rearmed, and Paul was crowned NorEaster XIII





The Friday Mini Tourney featured commando scenarios.   Sponsored

by Joe Gochinski, who provided prizes for all players in the Mini,

the Friday Mini Tourney is a two round mini, with results counting

towards the Main Tourney.  Brian Sullivan bested the field of four

by beating Scott Allan and Joe Gochinski.


The Saturday Mini, featuring scenarios from Dispatches from the

Bunker had a full complement of 8 participants.  The first round saw

Tim Kelly defeat Rick Northey, Jeff Myers defeat Dave Patten, Joe

Gochinski defeat John Richards, and Rob Shuster defeat Mike Sprague.

The second round saw Kelly defeat Shuster and Myers defeat Gochinski.

The second round went so late that the final was played off-site, at The

Bunker, a couple weeks later.  Jeff Myers defeated Tim Kelly in DB058

Vossenack Church to claim the Saturday Mini Tourney plaque.


The Mo-Fo Mini had a full 8 participants.  The first round saw Carl

Nogueira defeat Brian Wiersma, Nick Richardson defeat Kedge Johnson,

Gary Trezza defeat Mark Evans, and Joe Leoce defeat Jim Torkelson.

In the second round, Nogueira’s Russians defeated Richardson’s Germans

in U27 Winter Melee, and Trezza’s Germans defeated Leoce’s Americans

in SP37 Last Stand at Iserlon.  For the MoFo Finals, Nogueira’s Allies

hunted down Trezza’s Germans in DB009 Headhunting for Bloody Huns

to claim the NorEaster MoFo Mini Tourney plaque.


Scenarios Played (90)


Scenario                                                          Results

DB067 Let’s Dance                                        British 0, German 2

DB069 Bandits at Strubowiska                      Partisan 1, Russian 1, 1 where both sides claimed to be Russian (Sullivan/Wilcox)

J103 Lenin’s Sons                                           German 2, Russian 2

AP52 Into Vienna Woods                              Russian 4, German 0


AP37 Apples to Apples                                  American 1, German 0

VotG9 Eviction Notice                                   Russian 0, German 2

AP31 First Cristot                                           German 3, British 1

AP44 The Burial Mound                                Russian 2, German 1


DB061 Housing Crash                                    Russian 2, German 1

J41 By Ourselves                                            German 3, Norwegian 0

SX2 The Amy H                                             British 0, German 3

AP41 The Meat Grinder                                 Russian 2, German 3


SP154 On the Road to Hell                            American/British 3, German 3

FrF17 The Marco Polo Bridge Incident         Chinese 1, IJA 0, 2 games where both players claimed the same side:  Wilcox/Allan, Axis; and Howard/Pierzchala, Chinese

SP141 Broken Beek                                        American 1, German 2


AP50 Panzergeist                                            German 4, Russian 1

VotG13 Escape from Komsomol Park           Russian 0, German 1

DB068 Exit Pole                                             German 1, Polish 0

AP49 Retrained and Rearmed                                    Slovak 2, German 0


J53 Setting the Stage                                      German 1, Russian 0

HP17 Down Radio Road                               American 0, IJA 1


RPII#5 Brandenburger Bridge (Germ balance)          Russian 0, German 1

PBP8 Terminator                                            German 0, British 1

102 Point of the Sword                                  German 1, British 1


DB063 Murphy, Go Help the British             German 0, American 1

DB066 WN63                                                 German 2, American 1

DB040 Riding the Coattails                           Polish 0, Slovak 2

DB051 Dash for Mt Croce (Ami balance)      American 0, German 1

DB058 Vossenack Church                             American 0, German 0, 1 playing, but neither player recorded a side played (Myers/Kelly)


TAC1 Dropping off at Maleme?                    German 0, British 1

HS9 Ambitious Plans                                      IJA 1, American 0

DB050 The Fabulous Thunderbirds               German/Italian 0, American 1

“Landing Zone Z??” unknown scenario played by Trezza/Evans(German)

U23 Rehearsal for Crete                                 German 1, British/Greek 0

G27 Vaagso Venture                                      German 1, British 0

U27 Winter Melee                                          Russian 1, German 0

SP37 Last Stand at Iserlon                             American 0, German 1

T12 Hunters from the Sky                              American 1, German 0

DB009 Headhunting for Bloody Huns          German 0, British/Partisan 1

OB12 Bridgehead on the Berezina                 German 1, Russian 0


AP46 Red Comrades                                      German 0, Russian 1

DB051 Dash for Mt Croce                             American 1, German 0

DB073 Urban Nightmare                               Russian 1, German 0

FrF30 Bidermann’s Escape                             German 1, Russian 0

SP18 An Arm and a Leg                                American 1, German 0

J43 3rd RTR in the Rain                                  German 1, British 0

CH53 At the Crossroads                                Polish (Axis Minor) 1, Russian (Chinese) 0


Round by Round Results


Round 1


DB067 Sidhu (Germ) def Loiselle (Brit)

J103 Duenskie (Russ) def Myers (Germ)

J103 Willmer (Russ) def Pierzchala (Germ)

AP52 Morin (Russ) def Kelly (Germ)

AP52 Lundy (Russ) def Raymo (Germ)

AP52 McDonald (Russ) def Anderson (Germ)

DB069 Hamilton (Part) def Johns (Russ)

AP52 Knight (Russ) def  Wilcox (Germ)

DB067 Romanowski (Germ) def Krishfield (Brit)

DB069 Sullivan (Russ) def Wilcox (Part) (Sullivan’s 4th game, Wilcox’ 5th game)  (both sides claimed to be allied [Russ])

J103 Rodgers (Germ) def Tufano (Russ)

J103 Provost (Germ) def Serio (Russ)

DB069 Richards (Russ) def NRichardson (Part) (Richards’ 2nd game, NRichardson’s 4th game)


Round 2


AP44 Sidhu (Germ) def Lundy (Russ)

AP44 Loiselle (Russ) def Wilcox (Germ)

AP37 Duenskie (Ami) def McDonald (Germ)

AP31 Willmer (Germ) def Hamilton (Brit)

AP31 Romanowski (Germ) def Morin (Brit)

VotG9 Myers (Germ) def Anderson (Russ)

VotG9 Knight (Germ) def Howard (Russ)

AP31 Tufano (Germ) def Pierzchala (Brit)

AP44 Rodgers (Russ) def Provost (Germ)

AP31 NRichardson (Brit) def Krishfield (Germ)


Round 3


AP41 Sidhu (Russ) def Willmer (Germ)

DB061 Loiselle (Russ) def Raymo (Germ)

AP41 Duenskie (Germ) def Lundy (Russ)

AP41 Morin (Germ) de Allan (Russ)

J41 Loiselle (Germ) def Duenskie (Norwegian) (played in Round 6)

AP41 Anderson (Germ) def Pierzchala (Russ)

DB061 Hamilton (Russ) def Hill (Germ)

J41 Johns (Germ) def Provost (Norwegian)

DB061 Knight (Germ) def Rodgers (Russ)

J41 Romanowski (Germ) def WRichardson (Norwegian) (WRichardson’s 1st game)

SX2 Tufano (Germ) def McDonald (Brit)

SX2 Krishfield (Germ) def Serio (Brit)

SX2 Wilcox (Germ) def Howard (Brit)

AP41 Krishfield (Russ) def Leoce (Germ) (Krishfield’s 6th game, Leoce’s 4th game)


Round 4


SP154 Loiselle (Ami/Brit) def Rodgers (Germ)

SP154 Duenskie (Ami/Brit) def Sullivan (Germ) (Sullivan’s 3rd game)

FrF17 Willmer (Chinese) def Johns (IJA)

SP141 Morin (Ami) def Tufano (Germ)

SP154 Lundy (Ami/Brit) def Hamilton (Germ)

SP154 Anderson (Germ) def Krishfield (Ami/Brit)

SP141 Serio (Germ) def McDonald (Ami)

SP154 McDonald (Germ) def Wilcox (Ami/Brit) (played in Round 6)

SP154 Provost (Germ) def Hill (Ami/Brit)

FrF17 Wilcox (IJA) def Allan (Chinese) (both players claim to be Axis)

FrF17 Howard (IJA) def Pierzchala (Chinese) (both players claim to be Chinese)

SP141 Allexenberg (Germ) def Richards (Ami) (Richards’ 3rd game, Allexenberg’s 2nd game)


Round 5


AP50 Sidhu (Germ) def Knight (Russ) (played in Round 4)

AP49 Sidhu (Slovak) def Duenskie (Germ)

AP50 Loiselle (Germ) def Willmer (Russ)

DB068 Lundy (Germ) def Romanowski (Pole) (Romanowski’s 4th game)

AP50 Anderson (Russ) def Provost (Germ)

AP50 Hamilton (Germ) def WRichardson (Russ) (WRichardson’s 2nd game)

AP49 Tufano (Slovak) def  Northey (Germ) (Northey’s 3rd game)

VotG13 Pierzchala (Germ) def Rodgers (Russ)

AP50 Serio (Germ) def Howard (Russ)


Round 6


HP17 Lundy (IJA) def Pierzchala (Ami)

J53 Serio (Germ) def Hamilton (Russ)


Fri Mini


RPII#5 Sullivan (Germ) def Allan (Russ)

PBP8 Gochinski (Brit) def Shuster (Germ)


102 Sullivan (Brit) def Gochinski (Germ)

102 Allan (Germ) def Shuster (Brit)


Sat Mini


DB066 Kelly (Germ) def Northey (Ami)

DB066 Myers (Germ) def Patten (Ami)

DB063 Gochinski (Ami) def Richards (Germ)

DB066 Shuster (Ami) def Sprague (Germ)

DB051 Kelly (Germ) def Shuster (Ami)

DB040 Myers (Slovak) def Gochinski (Pole)

DB040 Sprague (Slovak) def Northey (Pole)

DB058 Myers (???) def Kelly (???)  (neither told me which side they played)


MoFo Mini


TAC1 Nogueira (Brit) def Wiersma (Germ)

HS9 NRichardson (IJA) def Johnson (Ami)

??? Trezza (???) def Evans (Germ) (Trezza did not turn in a PIS, Mark has this scenario as “Landing Zone Z??”.  The nearest entry in ROAR would be Z15 The Landing Zone.  I have no idea what they played.)

DB050 Leoce (Ami) def Torkelson (Germ/Ital)


U27 Nogueira (Russ) def NRichardson (Germ)

U23 Wiersma (Germ) def Torkelson (Brit/Greek)

G27 Evans (Germ) def Johnson (Brit)

SP37 Trezza (Germ) def Leoce (Ami)


DB009 Nogueira (Brit/Part) def Trezza (Germ)

T12 Wiersma (Ami) def Evans (Germ)

OB12 Howard (Germ) def Johnson (Russ)




AP46 Sidhu (Russ) def Morin (Germ) (played in Round 6)

DB051 Willmer (Ami) def WRichardson (Germ) (played in Round 6) (WRichardson’s 3rd game)

DB073 Morin (Russ) def McDonald (Germ) (played in Round 5)

FrF30 Johns (Germ) def Serio (Russ) (played in Round 2)

SP18 Johns (Ami) def Allan (Germ) (played in Round 6)

J43 Kelly (Germ) def Johnson (Brit) (played in Round 2)

CH53 Allexenberg (Poles/AxMinor) def Leoce (Russ/Chinese) (Allexenberg’s 1st game, Leoce’s 3rd game)