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Nor'easter XIII: Scenarios

Nor'easter 2009, Main Tournament Scenarios

Round One, Friday Noon
DB067Let's Dance
AP32Second Crack at Caumont
  • The AT GUN CANNOT set up in a building.
DB069Bandits at Strubowiska
J103Lenin's Sons
AP52Into Vienna Woods

Round Two, Friday PM
AP37Apples to Apples
VotG09Eviction Notice
  • All on-map terrain that is not in play in a scenario remains in effect for offboard movement/entry purposes during that scenario.
  • The German perimeter hexes are: O23-P22-Q23-R22-S23-T22-U23-V22-W22-W21-X20.
AP23Agony at Arnautovo
AP31First Cristot
  • The VC states the British must have 5CVP of non-crew infantry at Level 1. Infantry IN the hill gully will not count since they are at Level 0, but infantry at Crest status in the Gully will count since they are at Level 1.
AP44The Burial Mound

Round Three, Saturday AM
DB061Housing Crash
J41By Ourselves
SX2The Amy H
AP41The Meat Grinder
FrF18Through Fire and Ice

Round Four, Saturday Noon
SP154On the Road to Hell
FrF17The Marco Polo Bridge Incident
DB064Commandos Hold Fast
SP141Broken Beek
AP34Bocage Blockage
  • American original OB and the variable OB can be mixed together.

Round Five, Saturday PM
AP39Old Hickory
VotG13Escape from Komsomol Park
  • If a Russian unit has LOS to a German unit that failed the SSR TC (and is thus marked with a Prep Fire or First Fire counter), it would lose concealment. If it passes the TC, it retains concealment.
DB068Exit Pole
AP49Retrained and Rearmed

Round Six, Sunday AM
VotG2Russe! Drown in the Volga
J53Setting the Stage
  • BPSSRs apply (see page 60); in Victory Conditions replace "33G6" with "33GG6".
ESG36Havoc in Shanghai
AP51Something to Prove
HP17Down Radio Road
  • rubble is placed at-start per SR2, do not check for falling rubble.

Nor'easter 2009, Friday Commando Mini-Tournament Scenarios

Round One, Friday Noon
DASL A3Back to School
  • (German Balance)
SP81 Betje Wolf Plein
SP127Bleed Gurkha Bleed
RPII #5Brandenburger Bridge
  • (German Balance)
  • The German setup restriction of ">= 2 hexes" should be "<= 2 hexes".
  • The Germans start with Control of the two victory hexes.
PB 8Terminator

Round Two, Friday PM
T13Commando Raid at Dieppe
  • The German units in 4R1 should set up in 5R1.
SP46Give them some Steel
  • (American Balance)
ASL 102Point of the Sword
ASL 99Probing Layforce
  • (German Balance)
DASL A9Royal Marines

Nor'easter 2009, Saturday DftB Mini-Tournament Scenarios

Round One, Saturday AM
DB001 Brasche Encounter (Early war)
  • In the French Guard Detachment setup change "Adjacent" to "adjacent".
  • Add to SSR3 "Contrary to A12.12 the 4 OB designated ? may set up in a foxholes."
  • In SSR 2, the "steel" span bridge should be a stone bridge.
DB054 Soldiers of the 62nd Army (VotG)
DB063 Murphy, Go Help the British (Med front)
DB066 WN63(Normandy)

Round Two, Saturday Noon
DB025 Avril Action (West front)
DB040 Riding the Coattails (Early war)
DB051 Dash for Mt. Croce (U.S. Balance) (Med front)
DB055 Sturmgeschutz Forward (VotG)

Round Three, Saturday PM
DB042 Pursuing Kobayashi (IJA Balance) (PTO)
DB053 Hamburg on the Lovat (East front)
DB058 Vossenack Church (West front)
  • SSR 1 should read: "EC are Wet with no wind at start. Weather is Ground Snow (E3.72) and Overcast (E3.5). {EXC: A Wind Change DR of >= 10 will result in Falling Snow (E3.71) instead of rain, and the intensity may increase but never decrease.}"
  • oR6 Level 1 has LOS to the ground levels of oR7 and oS7. There is no LOS from interior church locations to the Steeple.
DB073 Urban Nightmare (due out at the Nor'easter!) (VotG)

Nor'easter 2009, Big Mo-Fo Tournament Scenarios

Round #1: Friday 1:00pm-
TAC1Dropping Off at Maleme?
TOT 24Across the Aller
NRNH4Dragoons in Holland
  • Objective: Replace "30 VP of friendly units" with '> 30 VP of Good Order units'.
  • German reinforcement: The two Rafts should be 1-Squad sized Rafts.
  • French Set Up instructions: Change "Canal" to 'River'.
BMW1Rolling on the River
HS9Ambitious Plans
Round #2: Saturday 8:00am-
DB062Heroic Defense of Wake
LSSAH 11Sea Battle
  • All Russian 4-4-7/2-3-7 MMC are subject to the following unit replacement (A19.13) and Battle Hardening (A15.3) rules. A 4-4-7/2-3-7 that suffers Unit Replacement due to ELR failure, is replaced by a 4-2-6/2-2-6 MMC. If that 4-2-6/2-2-6 MMC subsequently is Battle Hardened, it is replaced by a 4-4-7/2-3-7 MMC.
U23Rehearsal for Crete
G27Vasagso Venture
U27Winter Melee
Round #3: Sunday 8:00am-
LN 8White Beach 1
  • Overlay Oc104-1053 should be placed on 40O2-N1 rather than 40O1-N1.
T12Hunters from the Sky
DB009Headhunting for Bloody Huns
OB12Bridgehead on the Berezina
CH91Long Minutes

Nor'easter 2009, Saturday StarterKit-Tournament Scenarios

Round One, Saturday AM
S4Welcome Back
S29No Monumental Acclaim
S21Clash at Boriskova
Round Two, Saturday Noon
RPT11*Butchers and Bakers
S18Baking Bread
S24Sherman Marches West
Round Three, Saturday PM
RPT13*A Handful of Howdy
S13Priority Target
S20Joseph 351
*For those who might be unfamiliar with this pack: This is the Rally Point #2 Suppliment from the Tampa ASL Group. The tournament director will have photocopies of these and other scenarios for participants who do not have access to them.

Nor'easter 2009, Motor Pool Scenarios

These are small, balanced scenarios in case people need to catch up.
BTB3Kraut Corner
  • HSR 3 clarification: A dismantled MMG counts as 2PP here.
Gona3Cold Comfort
  • Playable area should read "(only hexes numbered >=7 west of hexrow S are playable.)".
A116Tangled up in Blue
  • the Nhpum Ga mapsheet has errors: Hexrow U is misnumbered. The first hex is U1, then a hex with no coordinate. Call that hex "U1.5".
  • SSR1: All Interior Jungle hexes are Dense, but in most cases, however, the "oversized colored center dot" in a Jungle hex designates Light Jungle [EXC: hexes U9-U11].
  • There is no LOS from D8 to E9, etc.
  • Hexes E9 and P10 can be entered at the path rate from, respectively, F9 and O10. Hex L12 can be entered at the path rate from L11 and L13.
A6Price of Impatience
  • "-1 2/3 PP" on the Sidecar illustration should be "M9 3PP -1".
BOTH4Holding Out
FT12Roof of Europe