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Nor’Easter XV Official Results

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Main Tourney:Gary Trezza
Paratrooper Mini:Brian Sullivan
Big Mo-Fo:Brian Wiersma
Saturday DftB Mini:Jim Torkelson

5 wins

1   Trezza

4 wins

2   Loiselle

3   Anderson

4   Chamberland

5   Povey

3 wins

6   Provost

7   Serio

8   Pierzchala

9   Bendis

10  Torkelson

11  Richards

12  Howard

13  Wiersma

2 wins

Allexenberg, Ginnard, Hill, Kelly, McDonald, Rodgers, Shuster, BSullivan, Wilcox, Worden IV

1 win

Evans, Hamilton, Johns, Knight, Morin, Nogueira, Richardson, Sammarco, Sprague, JSullivan, Tufano, Willow

0 wins

Coady, Tewksbury, WordenV

No PIS Returned

MSullivan (dots say 2-2, 1-2 via PIS)

Flaherty (dots say 1-2, 0-1 via PIS)
Raymo (dots say 1-1, 1-1 via PIS)

Courtney (played Leoce on Friday – was ill, did he return on Sat?)


Johnson (TD, played 0 games)

Leoce (played Courtney on Friday, Joe’s only day at tourney)


***** 5 wins *****

Gary Trezza was the last undefeated player and was crowned Champion.

***** 4 wins *****

4 players had 4 wins:  Loiselle, Anderson, Chamberland, and Povey.

Tie-breaker 1, head to head play:

no head to head games played.

Tie-breaker 2, wins of players beaten:
(# of wins of players beaten in parenthesis)




So we have these partial rankings of 4 win players:

Tie-breaker 3, common opponents:

Chamberland beat Nogueira and Nogueira beat Povey, so Chamberland ranks ahead of Povey.

So we have these final rankings of 4 win players:

***** 3 wins *****

8 players had 3 wins:  Torkelson, Provost, Pierzchala, Howard, Wiersma, Bendis, Richards, and Serio.

Tie-breaker 1, head to head play:

Serio defeated Pierzchala

Pierzchala defeated Richards

Bendis defeated Howard

So we have these partial rankings:






Tie-breaker 2, wins of players beaten:
(# of wins of players beaten in parenthesis)






So we have these partial rankings:


Provost(8)->Bendis(6)-> Torkelson(4)->Richards/Howard/Wiersma(2)

Tie-breaker 3, common opponents:

Bendis/Serio/Pierzchala had no common opponents, so no help.

Richards and Howard beat Johns, no help.

So we have these partial rankings:


Provost->Bendis-> Torkelson->Richards/Howard/Wiersma

Tie-breaker 4, wins of opponents lost to:

Serio 8, Pierzchala 7, Bendis 5

Richards 5, Howard 4, Wiersma 0

So we have these final rankings of 3 win players:

The Fight to the Finish

On Saturday morning, we had 6 players at 2-0:  Gary Trezza, Vic

Provost,  Al Loiselle, Paul Chamberland, Dave Ginnard, and Friday

Paratrooper Mini Champ Brian Sullivan.  Additionally, a second

round game between 1-0s Rodgers and Nogueira continued from

Friday.  Trezza defeated Sullivan in AP59 Taking Heads.  Loiselle

defeated Ginnard in J126 Ugly Faces.  And Provost beat Chamberland

in BC10 Goff’s Grief.  This left us with three 3-0 players.  Rodgers

also defeated Nogueira at this time to move to 2-0, but withdrew

from the Main Tourney because he already had a pre-arranged

match-up for Sat night against a non-undefeated player.  With an

odd number of undefeateds, Brian Sullivan was tapped as a spoiler.

Saturday afternoon/evening saw Loiselle’s Red Chinese Partisans

defeat spoiler Sullivan’s GMT Chinese in LM7 More Than He

Could Chew.  Trezza’s Russians defeated Provost’s Germans/

Rumanians in J129 Mountain Hunters.

Sunday’s Final saw Trezza’s Americans come from behind to

defeat Loiselle’s Germans in BFP22 Speed Over Caution.  Gary

claimed his first ever NorEaster Championship, adding to his

NorEaster trophy case, having earlier won a NorEaster MoFo

Mini Tourney.  Al narrowly missed winning consecutive

NorEaster titles.


The Friday Mini Tourney featured paratrooper scenarios.   Sponsored

by Joe Gochinski, who provided prizes for all players in the Mini,

the Friday Mini Tourney is a two round mini, with results counting

towards the Main Tourney.  Brian Sullivan bested the field of four

by beating Charlie Hamilton and Steve Johns.

The Saturday Mini, featuring scenarios from Dispatches from the

Bunker and the recently released Out of the Bunker Pack from MMP,

had a full complement of 8 participants.  The first round saw Jim

Torkelson defeat Tom Raymo, Tim Kelly defeat Charlie Hamilton,

John Worden IV defeat Mike Sammarco, and Jim Sullivan defeat

John Worden V.  The second round saw Torkelson defeat Sullivan

and Kelly defeat Worden.  In the finals, Torkelson’s Russians

defeated Kelly’s Germans in DB054 Soldiers of the 62nd Army to

claim the Saturday Mini Tourney plaque.

The Mo-Fo Mini had 4 participants, Brian Wiersma, Chuck

Tewksbury,Tom Morin, and Mark Evans.  In the first round,

Wiersma’s Japanese defeated Tewksbury’s Chinese in AD10 Tiger

of Toungoo.  Morin defeated Evans in the same scenario.  For

the MoFo Finals, Wiersma’s Germans held off Morin’s Americans

in SP33 The Eternal City.  Brian claimed his second consecutive

NorEaster MoFo Mini Tourney.

Scenarios Played (80)

Scenario                                                          Results

MP7 Guerra En La Salva                                Peru 1, Ecuador 1

FT49 Lingevres Aftermath                             German 4, British 1

J127 Messervy’s Men                                     British 1, Italian 5

FT123 Shurter’s Sortie                                    American 0, Russian 1

J129 Mountain Hunters                                  Romanian/German 0, Russian 1

MP10 Tripwire                                                German 0, American 1

J138 Point to Make                                         British 0, German 1

SP174 Krupki Station                                     Russian 1, German 6

FrF42 Kiss of Fury                                         German 0, Russian 1

J126 Ugly Faces                                              German 2, French/British 2, 1 game had both sides claim to be allied (Bendis/Richardson)

SP179 Brittany Speared                                 American 2, German 1

BC10 Goff’s Grief                                         American 0, North Korean 1

AP59 Taking Heads                                        IJA 1, American 1

BFP50 Alligator Tanks                                   American 1, IJA 0

FrF36 Newborn Partisans                               Russian 0, Partisan 1

DB080 Taks Force to Cotignac                      American/Partisan 1, German 3

LM7 More than he Could Chew                    Partisan 1, Chinese 0

FT94 Here Stands the Legion                         German 1, French 1

J125 Everything is Lost                                  Russian 0, German 2

BFP22 Speed over Caution                            American 1, German 0

J130 The Art of Dying                                    Italian 0, Russian 2

SV6 Norwegian Edelweiss                             German 1, British/Swedish 1

T1 Gavin Take                                                American 1, German 1

SP111 Why at Erp                                          American 0, German 1

G6 Rocket’s Red Glare                                  American 0, German 1

14 Silence That Gun                                       American 1, German 0

T16 Strayer’s Strays                                        American 0, German 1

A32 Zon With the Wind                                 American 2, German 0

OB3 Brasche Encounter                                 German 0, French 1

DB086 Lack of Communication                    German 1, American 3

DB083 Block to Bataan                                 IJA 0, American 2

DB087 Jumanji Pass                                       Russian 2, IJA 0

OB1 Riding the Coattails                               Slovak 2, Polish 0

OB13 A Hotly Contested Crossroads                        Russian 0, German 0, 1 game played (WordenIV/Hamilton), but don’t know who was which side

DB054 Soldiers of the 62nd Army                  German 0, Russian 1

AD10 Tiger of Toungoo                                 Chinese 0, IJA 1, 1 game had both sides claim to be Japanese (Morin/Evans)

SP33 The Eternal City                                    German 1, American 0

71 Jungle Citadel                                            IJA 1, Chinese 0

FrF27 Cocktails for Molotov                          Russian 1, Polish 0

PP2 Supply Detail                                           German 0, British 1

BC5 Storming the Amphitheatre                    British 1, IJA 0

Round by Round Results

Round 1

J127 Trezza (Ital) def Hill (Brit)

J127 Loiselle (Ital) def MSullivan (Brit)

FT49 Anderson (Germ) def McDonald (Brit)

J127 Chamberland (Brit) def Willow (Ital)

J127 Nogueira (Ital) def Povey (Brit)

FT49 Provost (Germ) def Wilcox (Brit)

J127 Serio (Ital) def Pierzchala (Brit)

MP7 Pierzchala (Peru) def Richards (Ecuador)

FT49 Bendis (Germ) def Howard (Brit)

FT123 Richards (Russ) def JSullivan (Ami)

FT49 Knight (Brit) def Allexenberg (Germ)

MP7 Ginnard (Ecuador) def JSullivan (Peru)

FT49 Rodgers (Germ) def Tufano (Brit)

J127 Shuster (Ital) def Sprague (Brit)

Round 2

SP174 Trezza (Russ) def Bendis (Germ)

J129 Trezza (Russ) def Provost (Rom/Germ)

SP174 Loiselle (Germ) def Serio (Russ)

SP174 Ginnard (Germ) def Anderson (Russ)

MP10 Chamberland (Ami) def McDonald (Germ)

J138 Povey (Germ) def WordenIV (Brit)

SP174 Provost (Germ) def Shuster (Russ)

SP174 Allexenberg (Germ) def Wilcox (Russ)

SP174 Hill (Germ) def Sprague (Russ)

SP174 Rodgers (Germ) def Nogueira (Russ)

Round 3

AP59 Trezza (IJA) def BSullivan (Ami)

J126 Loiselle (French/Brit) def Ginnard (Germ)

SP179 Anderson (Ami) def Hill (Germ)

BC10 Provost (NKorean) def Chamberland (Ami)

J126 Povey (Germ) def Wilcox (French/Brit)

J126 Pierzchala (Germ) def MSullivan (French/Brit)

J126 Bendis (French/Brit) def Richardson (Germ) ??? – both claim to be allies

SP179 Richards (Germ) def Johns (Ami)

FrF42 Serio (Russ) def Tufano (Germ)

AP59 Shuster (Ami) def Allexenberg (IJA)

SP179 McDonald (Ami) def Coady (Germ)

J126 Sprague (French/Brit) def Willow (Germ)

Round 4

LM7 Loiselle (Part) def BSullivan (Chin)

FT94 Anderson (Germ) def Richardson (French)

DB080 Chamberland (Ami/Part) def Nogueira (Germ)

BFP50 Povey (Ami) def Flaherty (IJA)

FrF36 Howard (Part) def Coady (Russ)

DB080 Bendis (Germ) def Ginnard (Ami/Part)

DB080 Allexenberg (Germ) def Tufano (Ami/Part)

FT94 Hill (French) def Rodgers (Germ)

DB080 Wilcox (Germ) def Sprague (Ami/Part)

Round 5

BFP22 Trezza (Ami) def Loiselle (Germ)

J130 Anderson (Russ) def Serio (Ital)

SV6 Chamberland (Germ) def Pierzchala (Brit/Swede)

J125 Povey (Germ) def Rodgers (Russ)

J130 Wilcox (Russ) def Richards (Ital)

SV6 Hamilton (Brit/Swede) def Hill (Germ)

J125 Willow (Germ) def Sprague (Russ)

Fri Mini

T1 BSullivan (Ami) def Hamilton (Germ)

SP111 Johns (Germ) def Richardson (Ami)

A32 BSullivan (Ami) def Johns (Germ)

G6 Richardson (Germ) def Hamilton (Ami)

Sat Mini

DB086 Torkelson (Germ) def Raymo (Ami)

DB086 Kelly (Ami) def Hamilton (Germ)

DB086 WordenIV (Ami) def Sammarco (Germ)

OB3 JSullivan (French) def WordenV (Germ)

DB087 Torkelson (Russ) def JSullivan (IJA)

DB083 Kelly (Ami) def WordenIV (IJA)

DB087 Sammarco (Russ) def WordenV (IJA)

DB083 Raymo (Ami) def Hamilton (IJA)

DB054 Torkelson (Russ) def Kelly (Germ)

OB1 MSullivan (Slovak) def JSullivan (Pole)

OB13 Hamilton (???) def WordenIV (???)

MoFo Mini

AD10 Wiersma (IJA) def Tewksbury (Chinese)

AD10 Morin (Chinese) def Evans (IJA) - ??? both claim to be IJA

SP33 Wiersma (Germ) def Morin (Ami)

71 Evans (IJA) def Tewksbury (Chinese)

FrF27 Wiersma (Russ) def Evans (Pole)


DB086 Pierzchala (Ami) def Johns (Germ)

PP2 Tufano (Brit) def Howard (Germ)

BC5 Howard (Brit) def Flaherty (IJA)

T16 Howard (Germ) def Johns (Ami)

OB1 Richards (Slovak) def WordenV (Pole)

A32 Serio (Ami) def Shuster (Germ)

T1 McDonald (Germ) def WordenIV (Ami)

14 WordenIV (Ami) def Willow (Germ)