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Nor'easter 2011: Scenarios

Nor'easter 2011, Main Tournament Scenarios

Round #1: Friday 10:00am-4:00pm
MP 7Guerra En La Selva
BFP 43Aerodrome P1
FT 49Lingevres-Aftermath
J127Messervy's Men
FT 123 Schurter's Sortie
Round #2: Friday 5:00pm-Closing
DB 085The 138 of the 138th
J129Mountain Hunters
MP 10 Tripwire
J138Point To Make
SP 174 Krupki Station
Round #3: Saturday 9:00am-4:00pm
FRF 42 Kiss Of Fury
J126Ugly Faces
SP 179Brittany Speared
BC 10Groff's Grief
AP 59Taking Heads
Round #4: Saturday 5:00pm-Closing
BFP 50 Alligator Tanks
FrF 36Newborn Partisans
DB 080 Task Force To Cotignac
LM7 More Than He Could Chew
FT 94 Here Stands The Legion
Round #5: Sunday 9:00am-Closing
J125 Everything Is Lost
BFP 22Speed Over Caution
J130 The Art Of Dying
DB 083Block To Bataan
SV 6 Norwegian Edelweiss

Nor'easter 2011, Friday Paratrooper Mini-Tournament Scenarios

Round #1: Friday 12:00-4:00pm
J122Bloody Bois Jacques
DB51Dash for Mt. croce (American Balance)
T1Gavin Take
ASL108Guards Attack (revised edition)
SP111Why at Erp (German Balance, Also add a 2-3-7 1/2 squad to the German OB)
Round #2: Friday 5:00pm-Closing
RPT13A Handful of Howdy
G6Rockets Red Glare
ASL14Silence that Gun (American Balance)
T16Stayer's Strays (American Balance)
A32Zon with the Wind

Nor'easter 2011, Saturday Mini-Tournament Scenarios

Round #1: Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm
OB3Brasche Encounter (French 41 German 27) MMP version German adds a 2-3-8 & ATR
DB082Roadside Assistance (Partisan 7 German 1) This tested very close for us, I think this will even out over time, at worse give the German the Balance = Take away an ATR form Partisan Reinforcements).
DB078Demolition Men (Partisan 3 German 2)
DB086Lack of Communication (Germans attacking Americans, New in Issue #32)
Round #2: Saturday 1:00pm-5:00pm
OB4Headhunting for Bloody Huns (German 6 New Zealand/Partisan 5)
OB6First Clash in Tunisia (British 10 German 8)
DB083Block to Bataan (Philippine 9 Japanese 7)
DB087Jumanji Pass (Russians attacking Japanese, New in Issue #32)
Round #3: Saturday 6:00pm-10:00pm
OB1Riding the Coattails (Slovak 27 Polish 24)
OB13A Hotley Contested Crossroads (Russian 22 German 19)
OB14Pusuing Kobayashi (American 13 Japanese 7) MMP version Adds a 4-4-7 to Japanese at start OB.
DB054Soldiers of the 62nd Army (Russian 14 German 10)

Nor'easter 2011, Big Mo-Fo Tournament Scenarios

Round #1: Friday 1:00pm-
VotG12Siberian Shockwave (8.5 turns) [German 11 wins vs Russian 7 wins]
FT106Counterattack Along The Danube [German/Hungarian 0 wins vs Russian 4 wins]
A10Tiger of Toungoo (10 turns) [Japanese 16 wins vs Chinese 25 wins]
Round #2: Saturday 8:00am-
VotG24Raid on Rodimtsev (8 turns) [new in Journal 9]
SP33The Eternal City (8.5 turns) [German 12 wins vs American 13 wins]
71Jungle Citadel (12 turns) [Japanese 23 wins vs Chinese 27 wins]
Round #3: Sunday 8:00am-
CH15No Farther (7 turns) [German 10 wins vs Russian 17 wins]
FrF27Cocktails For Molotov (5 turns) [Russian 16 wins vs Polish 13 wins]
A103Mayhem in Manila (4.5 turns) [Japanese 74 wins vs American 80 wins]