Sponsors of the Nor'easter ASL Tournament


Nor’Easter XVI Official Results


Main Tourney:Gary Mei
Japanese Mini:Brian Wiersma
Big Mo-Fo:Mark Evans
Saturday Mini:Tom Morin


4 wins and final undefeated player


1   Gary Mei


4 wins


2   Paul Sidhu

3   Stephen (Steve) Johns

4   Carl Nogueira

4   Mike Allexenberg

6   Paul Chamberland


3 wins


7   Robert Loper

8   Peter Struijf

8   Brian Wiersma

10  Lou Serio

11  Tom Morin

12  Mike Pierzchala


2 wins (12)


Paul Anderson, Ron Duenskie, Mark Evans, Charlie Hamilton, Keith Hill, Ralph McDonald, Nick Richardson, Whit Richardson, Chuck Tewksbury, Bob Tufano, Charlie Willmer, John Worden V.


1 win (12)


Andy Clarke, Joe Gochinski, Andy Howard, Kedge Johnson, Randy Knight, Joe Leoce, Vic Provost, Michael Rodgers, Brian Sullivan, Keith Talbot, Ted Wilcox, John Worden IV.


0 wins (3)


John Richards, Mike Sprague, Steve Webber.


No PIS Returned


Loper, Howard, Clarke, Duenskie, Knight, Sprague, Tewksbury, Rodgers.




***** 4 wins *****


Gary Mei was the last undefeated player and was crowned Champion.


***** 4 wins *****


5 other players had 4 wins (with 1 loss):  Paul Sidhu, Stephen (Steve) Johns, Carl Nogueira, Mike Allexenberg, and Paul Chamberland.


Tie-breaker 1, head to head play:

no head to head games played.


Tie-breaker 2, wins of players beaten:

(# of wins of players beaten in parenthesis)







So we have these partial rankings of 4 win players:



Tie-breaker 3, common opponents:

Nogueira and Allexenberg beat Duenskie, no help.


So we have these partial rankings of 4 win players:



Tie-breaker 4, wins of opponents lost to:

Nogueira 3, Allexenberg 3, Chamberland 2


So we have these final rankings of 4 win players:



***** 3 wins *****


6 players had 3 wins:  Robert Loper, Peter Struijf, Brian Wiersma, Lou Serio, Mike Pierzchala, Tom Morin.


Tie-breaker 1, head to head play:

Loper def Pierzchala


So we have these partial rankings:







Tie-breaker 2, wins of players beaten:

(# of wins of players beaten in parenthesis)







So we have these partial rankings:



Tie-breaker 3, common opponents:

Mei beat both Struijf and Wiersma, no help.

Sidhu beat both Struijf and Wiersma, no help.


So we have these partial rankings:



Tie-breaker 4, wins of opponents lost to:

Struijf 8, Wiersma 8


So we have these final rankings of 3 win players:



The Fight to the Finish


On Saturday morning, we had 7 players at 2-0:  Gary Mei, Paul Sidhu, Carl Nogueira, Nick Richardson, Ron Duenskie, Rob Loper (in his first ever ASL tournament!), and Friday Japanese Mini Champ Brian Wiersma.  Mei defeated Wiersma in ESG91 It's Not Over.  Loper defeated Sidhu in SP181 The Elefants of Surprise.  Nogueira beat Duenskie in AP68 Odd Angry Shot.  And spoiler Peter Struijf defeated Nick Richardson in an epic game of AP68 Odd Angry Shot.  This left us with three 3-0 players.


Peter did such a good job as a spoiler in Round 3, that he was drafted again as spoiler in Round 4.  And he repeated his performance, defeating Nogueira's Germans in BFP95 Obian Highway.  This meant that the last two undefeated players were Mei and Loper, playing

BFP103 Knife in the Flank.  Mei's Germans held on for the win, with Gary earning his first NorEaster Championship!  The final two games played were the nearly mirror-image Crucible of Steel scenarios, and in both cases the defense won.




The Friday Mini Tourney featured Japanese scenarios.   Sponsored

by Joe Gochinski, who provided prizes for all players in the Mini, the Friday Mini Tourney is a two round mini, with results counting towards the Main Tourney.  Brian Wiersma bested the field of four by beating Brian Sullivan and Mike Allexenberg.  Interestingly, the Japanese won all 4 scenarios played in the mini.


The Saturday Mini, featuring short scenarios that mini-TD Ralph McDonald likes, had a full complement of 8 participants.  The first round saw Tom Morin defeat Whit Richardson, Joe Gochinski beat Bob Tufano, and the father & son team of John Wordens beat John Richards and Keith Talbot, respectively.  The second round saw Morin defeat John Worden IV and John Worden V defeat Gochinski.

In the finals, Morin's Russians defeated Worden V's Germans in

FrF30 Bidermann's Escape to claim the Saturday Mini Tourney plaque.


The Mo-Fo Mini had 4 participants:  Kedge Johnson, Vic Provost, Randy Knight, and Mark Evans.  In the first round, Evans' British defeated Provost's Japanese in BFP54 Shenam Pass, while Knight's Germans defeated Johnson's Russians in BFP016 Clearing Kamienka.

For the MoFo Finals, Evans' Japanese beat Knight's Chinese in AP56 Quagmire, a scenario whose board setup took up almost an entire 4' x 8'

table.  Mark claimed his second NorEaster MoFo Mini Tourney, also winning in 2008.


Scenarios Played (79)


Scenario                                                               Results

LSSAH29 To It's Last Man                              Italian 2, German 1

WO7 Hell for the Holidays                            German 2, American 0

FrF45 Totensonntag                                        Polish 3, German 1

FrF30 Bidermann's Escape                            Russian 3, German 2


SP176 Smiling Albert                                       German 1, American 2

BFP23 Prelim to Death Night                       American 2, German 3

ESG87 Focused Fury                                       American 0, German 1

CDN20 The Black Devils of Anzio                                Allied 1, German 0

FB17 Stalingrad Redux                                   German 1, Russian 0


ESG91 It's Not Over                                         German 0, French 2

FT101 Fire and Ice                                            Partisan 0, German 2

SP198 Fish in a Barrel                                      Russian 2, German 0

AP68 Odd Angry Shot                                     IJA 0, British 2

SP181 The Elefant of Surprise                     Russian 0, German 3


BFP95 Obian Highway                                    German 2, Russian 4

AP71 Head in the Noose                                               American 1, German 1

BFP103 Knife in the Flank                             German 1, Russian 1

FB12 The Black Ravens are Flying              Germ/Hung 0, Russian 1


SP199 Para-Trap                                                               American 1, IJA 1

SP204 Yankee Pride                                        German 0, American 4, 1 draw

FrF49 One Last Mighty Hew                         Russian 2, German 1


AP59 Taking Heads                                          IJA 1, American 0

Z24 Men of Stone                                            IJA 1, American 0

FT137 300                                                            IJA 1, Chinese 0

DB094 The Trail to Hell Again                       IJA 1, American 0


DB096 Land Sharkey                                       German 1, British 1

OA29 The Amy H                                                              British 2, German 0

SP18 An Arm and a Leg                                  American 0, German 1

DB095 Spare the Pagoda                                               British 0, IJA 1

HS15 Hill 27                                                         IJA 0, American 1

SP126 Malignant Mahrattas                         IJA 1, British 1

J59 Friday the 13th                                          Russian 1, German 0


BFP54 Shenam Pass                                        British 1, Japanese 0

DB016 Clearing Kamienka                                             German 1, Russian 0

AP56 Quagmire                                                 Chinese 0, Japanese 1

WO5 Astride Hell's Highway                        German 0, Ami/Brit 1


O4 Ain't Running Away                                  American 0, German 1

SP61 Objective Exodus                                  British 0, German 1

RPT58 Sikh Defiance                                       British 0, German 1


Round by Round Results


Round 1


FrF30 Mei (Russ) def Morin (Germ)

LSSAH29 Sidhu (Ital) def WRichardson (Germ)

FrF45 Serio (Pole) def Johns (Germ)

WO7 Johns (Germ) def Wilcox (Ami) (Played in Round 4)

LSSAH29 Nogueira (Ital) def Sprague (Germ)

WO7 Chamberland (Germ) def Webber (Ami)

FrF45 Loper (Pole) def Pierzchala (Germ)

FrF30 Stuijf (Germ) def Rodgers (Russ)

FrF45 Anderson (Germ) def Willmer (Pole)

LSSAH29 Wilcox (Germ) def Hamilton (Ital)

FrF30 McDonald (Germ) def Hill (Russ)

FrF45 NRichardson (Pole) def Tufano (Germ) ??? Duenskie (???) def Howard (???)


Round 2


BFP23 Mei (Germ) def Struijf (Ami)

BFP23 Sidhu (Ami) def Serio (Germ)

BFP23 Nogueira (Ami) def Wilcox (Germ)

FB17 NRichardson (Germ) def Chamberland (Russ)

SP176 Hill (Ami) def Morin (Germ)

BFP23 Duenskie (Germ) def Anderson (Ami)

BFP23 Hamilton (Germ) def Webber (Ami)

ESG87 Loper (Germ) def McDonald (Ami)

CDN20 WRichardson (Allies) def Tufano (Germ)

SP176 Rodgers (Germ) def Willmer (Ami)

SP176 Howard (Ami) def Johnson (Germ)


Round 3


ESG91 Mei (French) def Wiersma (Germ)

SP181 Loper (Germ) def Sidhu (Russ)

AP68 Nogueira (Brit) def Duenskie (IJA)

SP181 Allexenberg (Germ) def Hill (Russ)

FT101 Chamberland (Germ) def Hamilton (Partisan)

FT101 Pierzchala (Germ) def Webber (Partisan)

SP198 Serio (Russ) def Wilcox (Germ)

AP68 Struijf (Brit) def NRichardson (IJA)

SP198 Anderson (Russ) def Rodgers (Germ)

SP181 Willmer (Germ) def Leoce (Russ)

ESG91 Tewksbury (French) def Howard (Germ)  (Tewksbury's 1st game)


Round 4


BFP103 Mei (Germ) def Loper (Russ)

BFP95 Sidhu (Germ) def Wiersma (Russ)

BFP95 Stuijf (Russ) def Nogueira (Germ)

BFP95 Allexenberg (Germ) def Duenskie (Russ)

FB12 Chamberland (Russ) def Anderson (Germ/Hung)

AP71 Pierzchala (Ami) def Howard (Germ)

BFP103 Serio (Russ) def Sullivan (Germ) (Sullivan's 3rd game)

BFP95 Hamilton (Russ) def Johnson (Germ)

BFP95 Hill (Russ) def Rodgers (Germ)

BFP95 Willmer (Russ) def McDonald (Germ)

AP71 Leoce (Germ) def Webber (Ami)


Round 5


SP199 Nogueira (Ami) def Mei (IJA)

FrF49 Sidhu (Russ) def Struijf (Germ)

FrF49 Allexenberg (Russ) def Evans (Germ) (Evans' 3rd game)

SP204 Chamberland (Ami) def Loper (Germ)

SP199 Pierzchala (IJA) def Hill (Ami)

SP204 Serio (Ami) – WRichardson (Germ) – draw

SP204 Wiersma (Ami) def Duenskie (Germ)

SP204 Clarke (Ami) def Hamilton (Germ)

SP204 Johnson (Ami) def Webber (Germ) (Johnson's 4th game)

FrF49 Tewksbury (Germ) def Rodgers (Russ) (Tewksbury's 2nd game)


Fri Mini


AP59 Allexenberg (IJA) def Leoce (Ami)

Z24 Wiersma (IJA) def Sullivan (Ami)


FT137 Wiersma (IJA) def Allexenberg (Chinese)

DB094 Sullivan (IJA) def Leoce (Ami)


Sat Mini


OA29 Morin (Brit) def WRichardson (Germ)

DB096 Gochinski (Brit) def Tufano (Germ)

SP18 WordenV (Germ) def Talbot (Ami)

OA29 WordenIV (Brit) def Richards (Germ)


SP126 Morin (Brit) def WordenIV (IJA)

HS15 WRichardson (Ami) def Richards (IJA)

SP126 Tufano (IJA) def Talbot (Brit)

DB095 WordenV (IJA) def Gochinski (Brit)


FrF30 Morin (Russ) def WordenV (Germ)

FrF30 Tufano (Russ) def WRichardson (Germ)

J59 Talbot (Russ) def WordenIV (Germ)


MoFo Mini


BFP54 Evans (Brit) def Provost (IJA)

DB016 Knight (Germ) def Johnson (Russ)


AP56 Evans (IJA) def Knight (Chinese)

WO5 Provost (Ami/Brit) def Johnson (Germ)




DB096 Johns (Germ) def Pierzchala (Brit) (Played in Round 2)

O4 Johns (Germ) def McDonald (Ami) (Played in Round 3)

SP61 Johns (Germ) def Morin (Brit) (Played in Round 5, John's 5th game, Morin's 6th game)

RPT58 McDonald (Germ) def Wilcox (Brit) (Played in Round 5)