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Nor'easter Saturday Mini-Tournament

Up to 8 players compete in 3 rounds starting Saturday morning. Those who can only make it to nor'easter on Saturday have priority for this mini - if slots remain you are free to move from the main tournament into this one if you no longer wish to participate in the main tourney.
To pre-register for this mini tournament, simply select that option when you Register.

Nor'easter 2013: Saturday Mini Scenarios

Round #1: Saturday 8:00am-1:00pm ETO Western Front
T1Gavin Take
SP207Resiste et Mords
SP115The Five Pound Prize
DB086Lack of Communication
FT168By Dawn’s Early Light
Round #2: Saturday 2:00pm-7:00pm PTO
OB14Pursuing Kobayashi
DB094The Trail to Hell Again
A103Mayhem in Manilla
BRT1The Hawk
J150The Sangshak Redemption
Round #3: Saturday 8:00pm-Closing ETO Eastern Front
J94Kempf at Melikovo
J103Lenin’s Sons
DB054Soldiers of the 62nd Army
VotG9Eviction Notice
AP41The Meat Grinder