Sponsors of the Nor'easter ASL Tournament


Nor'easter (Friday) Themed Mini-Tournament

This year's theme: Axis & Allies

Up to 4 players compete in 2 rounds starting Friday afternoon. Signups are limited to the first four people. All participants in this mini receive prizes.

Your victories in this mini tournament count towards the main tournament on Saturday and Sunday so you've got no excuse for not playing! To pre-register for this mini tournament, simply select that option when you Register.

Nor'easter 2014: Friday Mini Scenarios

Round #1: (Axis Minor) Friday 12:00am-4:00pm
FT 163Price of Persia
(Indian balance)
OB1Riding the Coattails
J109Break for Hungry
FE 171Signs of Victory
RBF22Breaking the Massif
(Romanian Balance and add a 7-0 to Romanian OB)
Round #2: (Allied Minor) Friday 5:00pm-Closing
TAC51Strength thru Unity
(add an ATR to Greek turn 1 reinforcements)
ESG16Dutch Treat
FT161French Civil War in Gabon
(Free French Balance)
AP8Bloody Harvest
(Remove 1 trench and replace one full squad with a in Polish OB)


The Friday mini is a 2-round, single elimination mini with a fixed list of (relatively short) scenarios, starting at 12:00pm on Friday.

The mini-tournament coordinator will provide the scenarios to everyone who signs up so that you can plan you attack / defense strategies before arriving at the convention.

  1. Just like in the main tourney, players in the Axis & Allied minor mini should pick 3 scenarios and number them in order of preference for each round. Please remember wins and losses count in the main tourney.
  2. Errata has been incorporated into the scenario cards. If an unknown erratum becomes available, it will be provided at the tourney.
  3. The plan is to have scenario booklets for each participant in the Axis & Allied minor mini. I am hoping to get this to each participant before the tourney. I will try to make contact with each participant or they could email me at jgochinski at yahoo.com to make arrangements. (Please note I will provide scenarios only to the actually participants in the mini tourney)
  4. I will provide 4 prizes for the mini; the winner will get the first choice of the four, second place getting the next choice and so forth. I understand that the second and third place players will each have a 1-1 record in the mini. To keep things simple the two winners in the first round play for the mini title. The loser of this match is second in the mini tourney. The two losers of the first round will play for third place, with the winner of course getting this spot. The overall winner will also get a plaque stating his dominance in the Axis & Allied Minor mini.
  5. Anything not covered by the above will be handled by the main tourney rules and tourney directors.
  6. Scenario ID Key:
    AP= Action Pack
    ASLUG = ASL Union of Gamers
    DB= Dispatches from the Bunker
    ESG= East Side Gamers
    FE= Fanatic Enterprises
    FT= Le Franc Tireur
    OB= Out of the Bunker
    RBF= Recon by Fire (Heat of Battle)
    TAC= Tactiques