Sponsors of the Nor'easter ASL Tournament


Nor'easter Big Mo-Fo Tournament


Big Scenarios on Friday and Bigger actions on Saturday (and into Sunday).

With 2 Rounds we are limited to 4 players Signup to join the fun of playing larger, more intense scenarios than the usual tourney fair. Once we have the 4 signed up pairings will be determined and you can choose the scenario and sides ahead of time. With 5 choices per round the usual selection process holds, with ranking your first 3 choices in order, effectively throwing 2 that you don't want to play out. Please e-mail me when you sign up for the Mo-Fo. Thanks for your time and participation and see you there!

To pre-register for this mini tournament, simply select that option when you Register.

Round #1: Friday 12:00pm-
ESG 98 No Rest for the Romanians
J31 Lovat First Sight
  • Consider British Balance
Dezign Pak 4 ID:46 "Mad Mike's" Finest Hour CBI
BFP25 From Billebaudon to Valhalla
FB18 Red Banner Days
  • MMP Errata version
Round #2: Saturday 8:00am-Closing and Sunday 9:00-Closing
BFP4To the Last Shell (Crucible of Steel)
ABTF8 God Save the King
  • British Balance - 10 Turns required
Abbaye des Ardennes3Crazy Carriers (Lone Canuck)
DB114Streets of Rostov
ESG 70Opening the Burma Road