Sponsors of the Nor'easter ASL Tournament


Nor'easter XX Scenario Pack

For the Noreaster's Twentieth Anniversary, The New England Volunteers & Yankee ASL Proudly Present

The Noreaster ASL Tourney XX Anniversary Pack
Featuring a Yankee Dozen
Thirteen new ASL scenarios

YASL 01Full Immersion Baptism Carl Nogueira British International Brigade Troops squaring off against the Moors and Spanish Legion of Franco in the Spanish Civil War
YASL 02Initial Skirmish Stephen Johns German and French Reconnaissance Units battling in France May of 1940
YASL 03To The Bitter End John Richards More France 1940 action with die hard French trying to stem the inevitable tide of the German advance in June of 1940
YASL 04The Twin Pimples Andy Howard An elite British force attacking an Italian position at night in the desert in 1941 Heightened FOW in this scenario makes for a tense, offbeat, interesting fight.
YASL 05Patrols on the Trail To Hell Vic Provost Marines and Japanese tangle along the jungle paths of Bougainville in 1943.
YASL 06Hein Olshana Bob 'Kedge' Johnson East Front fight set in January of 1944 as a scratched together German force, including Stugs straight from the repair yard without radios, fighting it out in the snow during a tough counter-attack on the Russians.
YASL 07Making A Break For It Jim Povey West Front 1944 British Paratroopers trying to escape from the tightening noose around the Arnhem area scraping with adhoc German Forces
YASL 08Ass Backwards Concept Bob Tufano, Development Tom Morin February 1945 finds us on the Riley's Road map. (Which is exactly where the historical action was fought). With British Archers battling Panthers as infantry from both sides also collide.
YASL 09Rack Em' Up Ted Wilcox January 1945 Bulge is the sight for this all armor slugfest in a limited/variable visibility blizzard.
YASL 10Dropping Topside Mike 'Pooch' Puccio February 1945 American Paratroopers are on the ground on Corregidor with reinforcements dropping in as they battle to clear the LZ of Japanese resistance.
YASL 11Ja, Bix Brian 'Dr Death' Sullivan In the mud of the 1945 March thaw, Tank ace Bix with a couple of wingmen and light infantry support try to hold off a Russian horde of tanks and infantry.
YASL 12Sorry, MAC! Ralph McDonald Set in October 1944, American infantry fight to hold off a German counterattack on LFT's Deluxe maps.
YASL 13Die To The Last Man Joe Gochinski This is a January 1945 PTO offering with a strong British force trying to simultaneously strangle and contain a Japanese force which may be trying to either exit, or fight where they stand, or both.

This scenario pack, on card stock, will be available to all tournament attendees for free!!! Thereafter, it will be marketed as PDF for 15.00. Watch your favorite ASL web pages for news when it becomes available.