Sponsors of the Nor'easter ASL Tournament


Nor'easter Big Mo-Fo Tournament


Big Scenarios starting on Thursday thru Saturday (and into Sunday).

With 2 Rounds we are limited to 4 players Signup to join the fun of playing larger, more intense scenarios than the usual tourney fair. Once we have the 4 signed up pairings will be determined and you can choose the scenario and sides ahead of time. With 3 choices per round the usual selection process holds, with ranking your 2 choices in order, effectively throwing 1 that you don't want to play out. Please e-mail me when you sign up for the Mo-Fo. Thanks for your time and participation and see you there!

To pre-register for this mini tournament, simply select that option when you Register.

Round #1: Thursday/Friday 12:00pm-Whenever
BDF7Baraque De Fraiture


  • The AA vehicles of the 14th Regimental AA CO are both B11.
  • They are SKDFZ 10/4 and 2cm Flak LKW respectively.
  • The reference to concealment counters and abandoned vehicles is to be ignored. It was from an earlier iteration of the scenario card.
  • Clarification: All American forces have ELR 5, not just the Glider troops.
  • The artwork for the German Pz VG's mistakenly has boxed side and read armor instead of plain. [Misc2]
ESG49Atrocity is Mandatory
WG02Assault on the Teploye Heights
Round #2: Saturday 8:00am-Closing and Sunday 9:00-Closing
BFP104Flying Turrets
OB7Crisis At Kasserine
RB1One Down, Two to Go