Sponsors of the Nor'easter ASL Tournament


Nor'easter Saturday Mini-Tournament

Theme: Fog of War

Here is how it works:

The players will need their German, Russian, American and British OBs. The boards for the scenarios will be provided.

At the beginning of each round all the pairings will each be given a sealed envelope with the 3 scenarios for the round and they will have 10 minutes to choose scenario and side (per rules described on noreasterRules.php). After setup, play will begin for the round.

Additional Details

Up to 8 players compete in 3 rounds starting Saturday morning. Those who can only make it to Nor'Easter on Saturday have priority for this mini - if slots remain you are free to move from the main tournament into this one if you no longer wish to participate in the main tourney.
To pre-register for this mini tournament, simply select that option when you Register.