Sponsors of the Nor'easter ASL Tournament


Nor'easter Starter Kit Play

The Nor'easter is SK, new ASL player friendly. Mitch Abrams will be the main POC on Friday and Saturday to make sure new players and SK players get assistance in finding open games against opponents as the tournament plays on around them. Tournament Director Carl Nogueira will assist Mitch to this end and also be the main POC for both Thursday and Sunday, so that SK players will have someone to get them a game for the duration of the tournament from Thursday to Sunday.

Please contact either Mitch (mhabrams@comcast.net) or Carl (chnogueira@aol.com), for more details. It is always recommended that new players notify us of their intention to come so that we can have some matches in place prior to their arrival. That said, if you don't know until the last minute, still come on down, we will work something out to get you gaming.