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Nor'easter Big Mo-Fo Tournament

The MoFo will commence at 10AM on Thursday, April 5th. Concluding Sunday, April 8th or when the final round ends, whichever comes first. Each participant in the MoFo, will be expected to select two scenarios from Round One, to be played in Round One, and two in Round Two. You will be expected to have a defensive setup ready for both of your scenario choices in round two, to bring with you to the tournament to save time. If you don't have the time to do this Do not get into the tournament. You will screw up the time line and grossly inconvenience your opponent!! Thank you. Sorry, but we have had this issue in the past and.....well, we are getting sensitive.

All kidding aside, the above is in earnest. It is of the utmost importance that the defender has a setup ready to set down for each scenario he has chosen, a total of three in all. One for the first round, two for the second. In the first round, an effort will be made to pair the players well before the tournament, as people sign up. In this way, the two players will know exactly what they are playing in round one and against whom. It will be expected for round one that both players have their complete setup printed out and ready to place on the table, so that the game can commence A.S.A.P. A perfect way to do this is to swap VASL files with your setups and just print the setup as text, which VASL allows you to do, as you, not your opponent would see the setup. It works great. I will be happy to help anyone who has questions on how to do this, with VASL, as I have done this several times. Chnogueira@aol.com

The selection method is for both players to select two scenarios for the round they are playing. Numbering them 1 for the scenario they most want to play and 2 for the scenario they least want to play. The third scenario they do not select and therefore are guaranteed not to have to play it. If you and your opponent both have the same number 1 selection, you play that. If either you or your opponent have selected a scenario and that scenario is not selected at all by the other player, then that scenario will not be played. If two scenarios are discarded in this manner, the remaining scenario, selected in whatever order, is what the players will play. If both players 1 is the other players 2, then a competitive DR will be used to determine whose #1 is played. High DR wins. (Boxcars have to be good for something).

The players will have also pre-selected their preferred side for the scenario. They now compare. If they chose different sides, these are the sides they will play. If the same, again a competitive DR like above is made, with the winner getting his side preference and the loser getting the balance for the side he received.

Due to my getting a new job recently, Mike Sprague will be running the MoFo tourney Thursday through Friday, until my arrival Friday night. I will run it for the duration from there.

Once players have signed up, the rules to play the Dinant scenario will be given to the four people signed up. Please note this scenario is played on Geo boards, so you will not need to know the river crossing rules or the bulk of the Dinant rules. Mostly just some SSR's.

Operation Schmidt is in the process of shipping now and those rules will be available long before the tournament.
Any questions, please contact Carl Nogueira at Chnogueira@aol.com

Thanks and good hunting.

Round One Thursday 10AM- Friday Closing (game will be adjudicated by 2AM if needed, but not later)
OS 5Disaster At SchmidtOS5 Disaster at Schmidt
RB 1One Down, Two To GoRB1 One Down, Two To Go
FT 220Alsatian VerdunFT 220 Alsatian Verdun
Round Two Saturday 8AM - Sunday 6PM (if needed)
Dinant 10Finale OnhayeDinant 10 Finale Onhaye
  • Game length is 8 turns, not 9
  • German Balance: In SSR 6, on a DR of 12, the French get 4 H35's, in lieu of the Char B's.
  • French Balance: In SSR 4, the Germans have a drm of -1 to their air support dr. A 0 = no planes that Player Turn.
EHill 621ScenarioE Hill 621
A177Maggot HillA117 Maggot Hill

MoFo errata:

For the Dinant 10 scenario
Game length is 8 turns, not 9
German Balance: In SSR 6, on a DR of 12, the French get 4 H35's, in lieu of the Char B's.
French Balance: In SSR 4, the Germans have a drm of -1 to their air support dr. A 0 = no planes that Player Turn.

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