Sponsors of the Nor'easter ASL Tournament


Battleship Cove

On Wednesday, 3/20/19 this year, we have a special treat where the Nor'easter will pick up the tab of admission for any pre-registered, paid Nor'easter attendees to visit the Battleship Massachusetts in Battleship Cove Fall River. Attendees will still be responsible for food or any other incidentals arising from the visit. Please indicate your intention to join us at Battleship Cove when you signup and contact Carl Nogueira so that the meetup can be smoothly arranged and contact information can be exchanged in case of a sudden change of plans by the attendee. For our part, we will be there, and the Battleship certainly will be.

You can see details on Battleship Cove here: Battleship Cove Website

The Massachusetts is a South Dakota Class WW2 Battleship, sporting 9 16-inch Guns. It saw action at the Torch Landings in 1942 and supported several amphibious invasions in the Pacific. Also, at Battleship Cove, indoors, are an Elco and Higgins PT Boat the PTs 617 and 796 respectively. A East German Cold War Era Corvette the Hiddensee, the Joseph P Kennedy Jr, a post-WW2 Gearing C lass Destroyer that participated in the Cuban Missile Crisis and finally a Balao Class Submarine the Lionfish, of late WW2 intage which also saw a couple of patrols. All in all, it is a great day of history and great way to set the mood for the coming long weekend.