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Nor'easter Main Tournament

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To pre-register for the main tournament, simply select that option when you Register. If you want to play in the Friday mini, check that option too - Those scenarios will be used instead of the first two sets here.

Round #1: Friday Mar 27nd, 2020 10:00am-4:00pm
AP135Fuller's FollyAP135 Fuller's Folly
Replaced with "Coconut K" because VASL doesn't have the board for the scenario.
FT200Coconut KDB136 The Block On The Trail To Hell
DB136The Block On The Trail To HellDB136 The Block On The Trail To Hell
FrF94Death From AboveFrF94 Death From Above
Q12Unfamiliar LandQ12 Unfamiliar Land


  • From the designer: Only A-P are playable.
DB147Bandits and BolsheviksDB147 Bandits and Bolsheviks


  • SSR 3 pertains only to NKVD personnel. 4-4-7’s and 4-2-6’s ELR/Battle Harden normally.
Round #2: Friday Mar 27nd, 2020 5:00pm-Till you drop
AP100Coal In Their StockingsAP100 Coal In Their Stockings
HF6Jackpot JonesHF6 Jackpot Jones
J191Rebel's Without a PauseJ191 Rebel's Without a Pause
RPT 167Meatchoppers With KnivesRPT 167 Meatchoppers With Knives
VOTG26Bad Day For The LuftwaffeVOTG26 Bad Day For The Luftwaffe
Round #3: Saturday Mar 28rd, 2020 9:00am-4:00pm
LSSAH 36Fuhrer's ExpectationsLSSAH 36 Fuhrer's Expectations
Q6Per L'Onore Di RomaQ6 Per L'Onore Di Roma
SP270A Small Stack And A SchnappsSP270 A Small Stack And A Schnapps
VOTG27Drama, The Park, And Deadly ThingsVOTG27 Drama, The Park, And Deadly Things
WO18A Quick StrikeWO18 A Quick Strike
Round #4: Saturday Mar 28rd, 2020 5:00pm-Till you drop
NTX01Stalingrad-1 DepotNTX01 Stalingrad-1 Depot
DB141Gut PunchDB141 Gut Punch
FT245Ciao Cina!FT245 Ciao Cina!
J146RagnarokJ146 Ragnarok
YASL 7Making A Break For ItYASL 7 Making A Break For It
WO34Feast DayWO34 Feast Day
Replaced with "Making a Break for It" because VASL doesn't have the board for the scenario.
Round #5: Sunday Mar 29th, 2020 9:00am-6:00pm
AP143Late For ChowAP143 Late For Chow
G15Bone Of ContentionG15 Bone Of Contention
HF3First TimersHF3 First Timers
J193Raff's RulesJ193 Raff's Rules
SP259Corridor To ExtinctionSP259 Corridor To Extinction

Additional Information

Adjudication for late running games are always possible. For night rounds, players who are both undefeated, or a "spoiler game" where one player is undefeated and the other has only one loss, will have their games adjudicated if running late, unless both players agree to play on. If they opt to play on, it is with the understanding the scenario will need to be done by the start of the next round. If both players do not have undefeated records, the players can agree to play on or not at their discretion. If a decision is made not to play on, then the scenrio will be adjudicated. NOTE IN ALL CASES THE ABOVE PROVISIONS OF 2), ONLY APPLY TO GAMES RUNNING OVER THE TIME LIMIT.

Abbreviations for Scenario Sources

AP = Action Pack
ASLB1= Battles Magazine
ASLOK= ASLOK 20th Pack
ASLUG= ASL Union of Gamers
ATF= All Time Favorites
BC= Break Contact
BoF= Best of Friends
BFP= Bounding Fire Productions
BRV= Berlin Red Vengeance
DB= Dispatches from the Bunker
ESG= East Side Gamers
FF= Fire Fights
FT= Le Franc-Tireur
FrF= Friendly Fire
G= General Magazine
HOW= Hell on Wheels pack
J= ASL Journal
LM= Long March
News= ASL News
MLR= Maple Leaf Rout Pack
MP= Melee Pack
OB= Out of the Bunker
OTO= Onslaught to Orsha
PA= Panzer Aces (Lone Canuck)
RbF= Recon by Fire Magazine
RIII= Retro Pack III
RP= Retro Pack
RTP= Rally Point
SP= Schwerpunkt
STL= St. Louis ASL Club