Sponsors of the Nor'easter ASL Tournament


Nor'easter Starter Kit Play

Minimum 8 SK Players Needed:

This mini requires at least 8 participants. As such, you will not be pre-charged, instead you will pay at the door.

There will not be a SK tournament but rather training sessions. "Professor" Mitch Abrams will still be handling this on Saturday March 26th only. SK play can still happen on Thu Mar 24th, Fri Mar 25th or Sun Mar 27th, of course. We can assist with match ups based on who is available on those days.

The training will specifically work, via selected scenarios, on the portions of participant's game that they want to improve. This is an opportunity for each individual to improve and focus on specific parts of the game that they would like to focus on. They also get help doing that by knowledgeable individuals. However, it is only done on Saturday and there is a minimum amount of people necessary to conduct this. The operational number is 8.

We hope a lot SK players are able to make it to Nor'easter XXVI!! After signing up, please drop a note to Mitch (mhabrams@comcast.net) if you would like to participate in the Saturday training sessions.