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This site is sponsored by the Yankee ASL Group (YASL) and the Bunker. ASL stands for Advanced Squad Leader, a WWII-era boardgame produced by Hasbro with the aid of MMP LLC. This site's purpose is to provide services to ASL players in the US northeast by helping them stay in touch and coordinate activities. We're a pretty active bunch: we meet to play a couple of times a month at least, normally on the weekends.

Visitors are welcome--have a look around - new stuff is added periodically. Anyone can view information on this site. If you want to signup to attend the Nor'easter ASL tournament, you'll have to create an account first.

You can also subscribe to the Yankee ASL email list, and this is open to everyone. To subscribe, use the subscription form to the right. We use the mailing list to coordinate game events, make matches, discuss scenarios and AARs, and also to exchange jibes, taunts, insults, slurs and cross-state slams.

Nor'easter XXIII (March 21 - 24, 2019)

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