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Nor'easter XI: March 23-25, 2007

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The ASL Nor'easter is New England's regional ASL championships.  It is held annually near Boston, MA. It is a yearly get-together of people in the New England area that play Advanced Squad Leader (ASL). The Nor'easter is hosted and directed by the boys from The Bunker and the Yankee ASL Group

Visitors are very welcome, and you'll probably be able to play a game if you want to learn. Have a look at the archived web sites for previous Nor'easters to see what the event is like.

The Nor'easter started at 1pm on Friday and went until 8pm on Sunday, with 24-hour access to the gaming rooms. Location: Best Western Royal Plaza in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Main Tournament

The tournament is a swiss format, with prizes for first, second, third and third place. Players choose from five scenarios per round. Five or six rounds of play are required to select the winners. There is two rounds on Friday, three on Saturday, and one on Sunday.

Big Mo-Fo Tournament

This three round tournament lasts for the entire weekend. Rather than playing those "wimpy" short scenarios you see in the main tournament you are challenged to play big, beefy scenarios. Each day of the convention you will play a different, large scenario. This tournament is limited to 8 participants.

Staturday Mini Tournament

Starts Satuday morning at 8:00am, ending Saturday evening. Registration is limited to eight participants, and lasts three rounds. This tournament is for you if you're an experienced ASL player and are only going to attend on Saturday!

Starter-Kit Tournament

We will run an ASL Starter Kit tourney using scenarios from the first two starter kits. Participation is limited to new players, and we will feature a reduced registration fee for anyone who plays in this tourney and only attends on Saturday. Starts Satuday morning at 8:00am, ending Saturday evening.